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Command and Control Software

Ensure your emergency first responders and private security teams have access to actionable intelligence with our cutting-edge command and control software solutions. Dispatch telecommunicators are on the front line, communicating and directing public safety officers and security personnel in the field. Simplifying and streamlining the data coming into your dispatch operations enhances the situational awareness of your security teams or public safety officers.

Command center software can search and track persons of interest, quickly identify vehicles, remotely manage access to your buildings, and much else. With the correct command center software solutions, you can take control of situations and critical incidents with better insight, reducing response times considerably.

MCA Communication System Managed Services

At MCA, we deliver command and control software solutions to public and private organizations that assist dispatchers in providing critical communications to those in the field. Our solutions also help businesses automate and manage their security team workflows. It has been estimated that up to 90% of the time it takes to perform a task is consumed by transferring tasks. 

Our state-of-the-art command center software from premier industry partners such as Motorola Solutions and Avigilon transforms your data and video into real-time actionable intelligence for your law enforcement officers, security personnel, and other public safety officers.

Intelligent Dispatch Data

Our software solutions provide your agency or business with intelligent dispatch data. From sophisticated License Plate Reader (LPR) software to dispatch control software that alerts telecommunicators  when a law enforcement officer’s gun is discharged, we will implement a solution customized to fit your organization’s unique dispatching needs.

CommandCentral Aware

When you access data from your computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system through CommandCentral Aware from Motorola Solutions, you have a solution that conveys and integrates real-time intelligence received by dispatch to officers in the field. Developed with law enforcement agencies in mind, CommandCentral Aware gives you a complete picture of all operations from a single pane.

Features of CommandCentral Aware

  • Geospatial mapping, location, and tracking of officers and incidents in the field
  • View incidents through real-time video monitoring
  • Enhanced workflows for better response times
  • Automatic alerts if an officer’s gun is drawn or fired
  • Activation of body cam footage for dispatcher intelligence
Software for Video Surveillance

Avigilon Control Center 7 Software

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 Software is the latest, most advanced video management software for dispatchers on the market. Known for their surveillance cameras with integrated artificial intelligence, Avigilon ACC 7 enhances dispatcher judgment, giving you the most out of your video surveillance system.

Features of ACC 7 Software

  • AI-powered facial recognition technology
  • Unusual motion and activity detection capabilities
  • A focus of attention interface to direct telecommunicators to what matters most
  • Easy access to live and historical video footage with remote monitoring from the cloud

Avigilon Access Control Manager

Avigilon’s Access Control Manager (ACM) is a physical access control system for enterprise-grade security. Created to protect your people, property, and business-critical assets, Avigilon ACM provisioned by MCA comes with advanced alarm controls and identity management. When combined with ACC 7 video management software, you have a powerful and complete security solution to monitor and secure your buildings and facilities.

Features of Avigilon’s Access Control Manager

  • Color-coded alarm priority management
  • Easy identity badging with pictures to control access to sensitive areas
  • Automatic remote locking and reopening of doors during an emergency
  • Virtual access control for identifying individuals entering through opened doors and areas
Security officer on radio

Vigilant VehicleManager

Vigilant VehicleManager from Motorola Solutions gives your law enforcement or security team the ability to locate vehicles captured by your LPR camera system. With this software solution, dispatchers can find and review past vehicle location information to determine its future location. Vigilant VehicleManager delivers complete and partial license plate scans with time and date filters for the most relevant and accurate intelligence.

Features of Vigilant VehicleManager

  • Locate suspects on the run with time, date, and location information
  • Confirm hit-and-run incidents with partial and complete plate scans
  • Jumpstart your investigation by scanning plates at the scene of a crime
  • Proactive detection when combined with CommandCentral Aware

Workflow Management Software

Workflow management software gives you the ability to automate many of the processes that previously required human intervention. As command and control software for your centralized dispatching operations, our workflow management software solutions save money and lives.

Motorola Orchestrate

Motorola Orchestrate is an intuitive, cloud-based software application that gives your telecommunicators the ability to automate workflows that integrate your entire security system. Automating workflows keeps your people safe, while also enhancing efficiency by helping you respond to business- and mission-critical situations.

Features of Motorola Orchestrate

  • Receive real-time, holistic views of your entire operation
  • Gather data from multiple sources, transforming them into a single stream of intelligence
  • Harvest operational data 24/7
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for users
Safety Reimagined and Orchestrate Solutions
Facial scans of business visitors

CommandCentral Suite

CommandCentral from Motorola Solutions offers a suite of cloud-based applications that see you through from the beginning of a case or incident report to its closure. Centralize your information through CommandCentral to achieve a 360° view of your operations for smarter dispatching and expedited response times.

Features of CommandCentral Suite

  • Unify all your operations on a single, robust platform
  • Streamline requests for public records
  • Increase situational awareness for your officers or security teams across devices and platforms
  • Simplify information and evidence collection to build a better case
  • Provide first responders and others with an accurate picture of what they’re facing in each and every situation

MCA for Your Command and Control Software

For three decades, MCA has been the choice of law enforcement agencies, other emergency first responders, and private security teams for the provisioning, installation, and maintenance of command and control software for dispatching.

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