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Body-Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement and Security

Over the past decade, body-worn cameras (BWCs) have become essential to law enforcement agencies across the country. Body cams became popular for a number of reasons in police departments. BWCs capture real-time footage of police officers’ interactions with the public. They can be used to increase accountability, provide a record to deal with public complaints, and for the training of new officers.

At MCA, we work with law enforcement agencies to equip them with police body cameras designed to protect both the public and officers. In handling complaints from citizens about police mistreatment, it’s important to have hard evidence. Protect your law enforcement officers with our best-in-class body-worn cameras for police from premier channel partners such as Motorola Solutions and Watchguard

What are body-worn cameras?

What is the purpose of body cams for your officers?

BWCs are small portable cameras that can be easily attached to your officers’ headgear or uniforms. They are intended to be discreet and not interfere with the police’s ability to do their jobs. The video footage from body cams can be used as evidence for building a case and resolving legal disputes.

BWCs for Law Enforcement

Our body cams from Motorola Solutions and Watchguard will meet the exact needs of your agency. Whether you need live streaming, integration with officers’ radios and vehicle camera systems, or extended battery life for the double shift, we have you covered.

V300 Body-worn Camera

The Motorola V300 Police Body Camera

Police officers know that situations can change in an instant. When your officers need to pull a double shift, they can depend on the V300 Body Camera for continuous capture and uploading of video evidence beyond their 12-hour shift.

The V300 body cam benefits your agency and officers by providing the following.

  • Snap-and-Go Swappable Batteries: Easily change dead batteries on the go. If you expect a long shift ahead, your officers can keep spare V300 batteries in their squad cars to swap out during their shift.
  • Capture Every Second: The V300 body-worn camera can be integrated with your officers’ radios, automatically triggering to record during high-pressure situations.
  • Record Scenes from Multiple Angles: Seamlessly integrate the V300 with your police vehicle camera system to capture an incident from multiple points of view.
  • Rugged Design and Security: The V300 comes with Bluetooth and WiFi encryption for maximum security. With its IP67 rating, it’s made for officers on the front lines.
  • Video Quality: With distortion-free video at up to 1080p resolution, the V300 delivers an electronically adjustable lens for perfect aiming.
VISTA body camera

The Watchguard VISTA WiFi Body Camera

The Watchguard VISTA WiFi Body-Worn Camera is purpose-built for law enforcement agencies. With WiFI and GPS included in the camera, you can keep track of your officers to ensure their safety.

The Watchguard VISTA includes features such as:

  • Rugged Design: Your officers have to work in all kinds of weather conditions and environments. Give them a body cam that is up to the challenge.
  • Adjustable Lens: With the Watchguard VISTA’s adjustable lens, you can capture all of the action involving your officers.
  • Playback: For forensic purposes, the Watchguard VISTA body-worn camera offers record-after-the-fact video playback.
  • Tracking: If your officers are in danger or need backup in the field, you need to know. WiFi and GPS on Watchguard VISTA help you track officers’ locations.
Motorola Solutions logo

Security Body Cameras for Retail, Campus Safety, and More

As body-worn cameras have become standard for most police forces, security guards and teams have started to use body cams with greater frequency as well. 39% of all retail workers have suffered an injury on the job—often as a result of assault or other crime.

Campus safety officers, security personnel at retail stores, firefighters, and security officers in other industries need to be protected on the job. Body-worn cameras offer evidence you can hand over to police should a customer or guest at your place of business suddenly become hostile or even violent.

Whatever reason you have for outfitting your security teams with body cams, MCA delivers the best security body cameras for your business.

VT100 body camera

The VT100 Body-Worn Camera

With its intuitive operation and simple design, the VT100 body camera from Motorola Solutions was designed specifically for commercial use. Protect your employees and your business with the VT100.

Motorola Solutions’ VT100 offers:

  • HD Video: Capture incidents and events clearly at your retail establishment or other business with 720p HD video.
  • Remote Alarm Activation: Press a button on your VT100 to alert your security team and command center of emergency situations for a faster response.
  • Customer-Friendly Appearance: The VT100 is lightweight and small. You can customize it as a name tag with your company logo for employees with customer-facing roles.
VB-400 body worn camera

The VB400 Security Body Camera

The VB400 body-worn camera was designed specifically for security officers and teams. Using a body cam gives your security guards peace of mind, which improves worker morale and helps deter crime.

The benefits of the VB400 body cam for security are:

  • Continuous Recording: The toughest security teams need the toughest body cams. The VB400 offers full recording capabilities for up to 12 hours.
  • Quality Video Capture: The intuitive buttons on the VB400 make it easy to capture high-quality, evidence-grade footage to help you fully understand an incident.
  • Integrated Workflows: The VB400 comes with built-in Bluetooth and GPS, making it easy to upload your footage onto a video management platform.

Discover How Body-Worn Cameras from MCA Protect Your People

Body-worn cameras protect police and security officers in a number of potentially intense situations. They also help build public trust in your agency or business because they deliver transparency.

We know why police officers and other public safety officers use BWCs to record incidents, but security personnel and employees working for private companies benefit from body cams as well.

Policeman with body camera on

With more than 30 years of experience in assisting public and private organizations to better protect their people, MCA prides itself on its service-first approach with our clients.

To learn more about how you can protect your people with body cams from MCA, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1-833-773-1888.

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