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Motorola Solutions Body-Worn Cameras

Security, Accountability, and Transparency Across Industries

Body-worn cameras have become an integral tool across various industries, providing an extra layer of security, accountability, and transparency for day-to-day operations and critical emergencies.

Motorola Solutions offers a diverse range of body-worn cameras to cater to the specific needs of different sectors with a variety of features and benefits to suit most use cases.

Motorola Solutions Body-Worn Cameras: V300, V700, VB400, VT100

The V300, V700, VB400, and VT100 encompass a comprehensive range of body-worn camera solutions designed to address various industries’ unique demands. Each model offers distinct benefits from essential features for versatile documentation to specialized functionalities that enhance accountability and security. Additionally, these models have been developed to provide reliable tools that promote transparency, safety, and operational efficiency.

V300 Body-Worn Camera

The V300 is a versatile body-worn camera that captures high-quality footage in a compact form factor. With its user-friendly interface and efficient battery life, the V300 is a reliable choice for various industries, and its robust features make it ideal for situations where clear documentation is essential, such as public safety and private security.

Compact and Lightweight

The V300’s compact design and lightweight construction ensure user comfort during extended wear. This feature is particularly advantageous when professionals need to wear the camera for prolonged periods.

User-Friendly Interface

The V300 features a straightforward user interface and intuitive controls that make capturing footage hassle-free. This ensures that it’s easy for individuals to operate the camera without extensive training.


The V300’s robust features make it suitable for scenarios where clear documentation is essential, such as public safety and private security applications.

V700 Body-Worn Camera

The V700 is tailored for law enforcement agencies, offering advanced features like enhanced low-light performance, extended battery life, and a secure evidence management system. Its rugged design ensures durability in the field, and its integration with existing law enforcement technologies makes it a powerful tool for officers who need reliable and high-quality documentation during critical situations.

Enhanced Low-Light Performance

The V700 excels in low-light conditions, ensuring that officers can capture vital details even in dimly lit environments. This feature is crucial for law enforcement professionals who frequently operate during nighttime hours.

Extended Battery Life

With extended battery life, the V700 ensures that law enforcement officers and other public safety agents remain equipped with a reliable tool throughout their shifts. This longevity is especially beneficial during prolonged operations.

Secure Evidence Management

Integration with a secure evidence management system streamlines data storage, retrieval, and chain of custody. This feature enhances accountability and transparency within law enforcement agencies.

VB400 Body-Worn Camera

The VB400 strikes a balance between essential features and cost-effectiveness. While suitable for a range of industries, its ergonomic design and reliable film quality make it an excellent choice for private security teams. Additionally, its compact size and affordability make it an attractive option for businesses looking to enhance security without compromising their budget.


The VB400 offers cost-effective security enhancement, making it an attractive option for businesses with budget constraints since it helps to provide essential recording capabilities without straining financial resources.

Ergonomic Design

Designed with user comfort in mind, the VB400’s ergonomic design, lightweight construction, and discreet form factor ensure minimal interference with daily tasks.


The VB400’s affordability and dependable footage quality make it an excellent option for private security teams seeking an affordable yet reliable solution.

VT100 Body-Worn Camera

Ideal for retail applications, the VT100 combines discreet design with essential features for capturing incidents in busy environments. Retail staff can benefit from its inconspicuous appearance and user-friendly controls, making it easier to document customer interactions, theft prevention efforts, and operational procedures discreetly.

Comparative Analysis of the V300, V700, VB400, and VT100


The V700 caters explicitly to law enforcement agencies with its enhanced low-light performance and secure evidence management system. In contrast, the V300 and VB400 offer versatile solutions for various industries, and the VT100 is ideal for retail applications.

Advanced Features

The V700 stands out with its extended battery life and secure evidence management system, features not available in the V300, VB400, or VT100.


The VB400’s affordability is a key feature, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking budget-friendly security enhancement.

User Comfort

Both the V300 and VT100 prioritize user comfort with their lightweight and ergonomic designs, ensuring prolonged wear without discomfort.

Intuitive Controls

All models are built to ensure ease of use, helping to facilitate efficient operation and reduced potential for user error.

WatchGuard Body-Worn Cameras: VISTA Series

WatchGuard VISTA series of body-worn cameras represents a sophisticated range of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals across industries. Whether it’s capturing intricate details, facilitating real-time collaboration, or enabling discreet recording, each model addresses specific challenges faced by various sectors. From the VISTA High-Definition’s emphasis on clarity to the VISTA Wi-Fi Integrated’s enhanced communication capabilities and the VISTA Extended Two-Piece’s unique design for specialized operations, the VISTA series showcases Motorola’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that enhance security, transparency, and operational efficiency.

VISTA High-Definition Body-Worn Camera

The VISTA High-Definition Body-Worn Camera is a reliable choice for professionals seeking crisp and detailed footage. Its emphasis on capturing intricate details makes it versatile for various industries.

Clarity and Detail

The VISTA HD delivers high-definition footage, capturing even the minutest details. This feature is handy when evidence needs to be clearly documented, such as public safety emergencies or legal proceedings.


The VISTA HD’s ability to capture clear footage in different scenarios makes it suitable for diverse applications. The VISTA HD consistently delivers accurate documentation in hospitality settings, public safety interventions, or private security operations.

VISTA Wi-Fi Integrated HD Body-Worn Camera

Building upon the capabilities of the VISTA HD, the VISTA Wi-Fi Integrated HD Body-Worn Camera introduces wireless data transfer capabilities, enhancing real-time collaboration and information sharing.

Instant Data Sharing

Wi-Fi capabilities allow for the immediate sharing of captured footage which is particularly valuable in fast-paced situations where quick decisions are necessary, making it a preferred choice for public safety professionals and private security teams.

Efficient Communication

The ability to transmit footage in real-time enhances communication between team members and command centers, allowing remote personnel to assess situations and provide guidance to those on the ground, improving overall operational efficiency.

VISTA Extended Two-Piece HD Body-Worn Camera

The VISTA Extended Two-Piece HD Body-Worn Camera introduces a unique design that’s ideal for applications where discreet positioning of the camera is essential.

Discreet Design

The two-piece design of the camera allows for discreet positioning of the lens, while the recording unit can be concealed elsewhere on the user’s attire. This feature is particularly advantageous in undercover law enforcement operations or situations where overt recording may compromise safety.

Anonymity and Flexibility

By enabling hidden camera placement, the VISTA Extended Two-Piece HD empowers professionals to capture critical evidence without drawing attention. This flexibility is crucial in sensitive operations where maintaining anonymity is paramount.

Comparative Analysis of the VISTA Models

Clarity and Detail

All three VISTA models prioritize clear and detailed footage. The VISTA HD establishes the baseline for high-definition capture, which is maintained in both the Wi-Fi Integrated and Extended Two-Piece variants.

Data Sharing and Communication

The VISTA Wi-Fi Integrated HD stands out regarding instant data sharing and enhanced communication capabilities. While the Extended Two-Piece model maintains Wi-Fi features, its primary advantage lies in discreet positioning.

Specialized Operations

The VISTA Extended Two-Piece HD uniquely suits specialized operations that demand discreet recording. Its design allows professionals to capture evidence without raising suspicion, making it an invaluable asset in undercover scenarios.

Suitability Across Industries

Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality sector, discreteness and professionalism are key. The VT100’s inconspicuous design and easy-to-use features make it a valuable tool for documenting guest interactions, handling disputes, and ensuring a safe environment for visitors and staff alike.

Retail Industry

The VB400’s affordability and compact form factor are well-suited for the retail industry. Store employees can discreetly record incidents like shoplifting, vandalism, and customer service interactions, helping to improve safety and customer experience.

Private Security

Both the VB400 and the VISTA Wi-Fi Integrated HD are strong contenders for private security teams. The VB400’s cost-effectiveness aligns with security budgets, while its Wi-Fi capabilities facilitate instant sharing of critical footage, aiding in proactive security measures.

Public Safety (Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMTs)

The WatchGuard VISTA XLT offers unique advantages for specialized operations within public safety organizations. The small, lightweight, design makes it a convenient choice for any agency, but the built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, and extended continuous HD recording capabilities really makes it stand out as the ideal solution for evidence capturing. Other models, like the V700, also stand out for law enforcement officers, providing robust features tailored to their needs, such as durability, extended battery life, and a secure evidence management system.

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