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Motorola VB400 Body-Worn Cameras Capture Every Detail

An Unbiased Account of Each Law Enforcement Encounter

When it comes to the safety of your officers and the public you serve, nothing can be left to chance. Motorola’s new VB400 Body-Worn Camera ensures that from the moment a call begins until after the encounter has resolved, each moment is captured. 

By recording each encounter, your officers are able to foster trust within your community and team by providing an unbiased, independent witness for all events. 

During times when emotions are running high, and things are moving quickly, officers can focus on the task at hand while their body-worn camera takes care of capturing the details. Once activated, dual microphones and a wide-angle lens ensure that every action and word is captured in high-definition, taking guesswork out of the equation. 

Additionally, the VB400 seamlessly fits into the day-to-day operations of your team. Configuration and maintenance can be handled prior to deployment, so all your officers have to do is grab their cameras and go.

Built To Withstand Changing Environments and Hazardous Conditions

Whether your law enforcement officers are patrolling the beaches or the mountains, the Motorola VB400 is ready. The camera is compatible with whatever clothing they’re wearing and can withstand rugged conditions, extreme climates, and hazardous conditions.

Temperature and Weather Resistant

With IP67 protection against wind, rain, and snow the VB400 can withstand any weather conditions, including temperatures ranging from -4°F to 122°F.

Shift-Long Battery Life

Capture an entire shift with a single charge that provides 12-hours of battery life, with configurable standby and safety modes to increase duration.

Ruggedized Exterior

The camera can handle anything the physical demands of the job, with ML STD 810G drop test certification.

Secure Mounting Options

Whether officers are wearing shirts, jackets, or a bulletproof vest, the VB400 will stay firmly attached to their uniform.

Don’t Miss a Single Second

In addition to knowing that the Motorola VB400 is physically up to the job, officers also need to rest assured that their cameras will be ready to go when events start unfolding. There are a number of built-in features that ensure the cameras’ easy operability in the heat of the moment.

Configurable Recording Behavior

Each device has 5 mappable buttons that can control a variety of actions, LEDs, and notifications as necessary.

Pre- and Post-Record

With automatic pre- and post-record, your officers’ cameras will capture the crucial seconds – or minutes – prior to and after a situation so that every detail is captured and a full-frame of references ensures protocol has been followed.

High Quality Video

A wide-angle, 120° horizontal field of view will be crystal clear in 1080p and 30fps.

Immediate Footage Offload

Footage is immediately offloaded and stored to VideoManager as soon as the camera is docked, without any user instruction or intervention.

Get The Whole Picture

A number of automatic features ensure that every second – and multiple angles – are easily captured by your officers.

3rd Party VMS Integration

Take advantage of your current Video Management System by centralizing body-worn and fixed-camera livestreams on any ONVIF-compatible platform.

Peer-Assisted Recording

Make sure that every angle is captured by triggering automatic recording as soon as one camera in a configurable radius begins recording.

GPS Location Tracking

Knowing exactly what happened, and exactly where it happened, with Tactical VideoManager interactive map. 

Holsteraware and Radio (Coming Soon) Integration

Reduce officers’ workload by automatically recording when weapons are unholstered or Motorola Solutions radios enter an emergency state.

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