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The Benefits of Body-Worn Cameras for Commercial Use

If you’re a police officer, you may know the benefits of wearing a body cam. Law enforcement officers across the country have been wearing these cameras for a while.

But the use of body cameras has increased in recent years for many employees at businesses and in industries that haven’t traditionally used them. Retail stores, supermarkets, and restaurants are among the types of businesses that have come to use body cameras more.

The benefit of body cams for organizations outside of law enforcement is a growing trend because many businesses recognize the need to protect their employees, their customers, and their livelihood.
At MCA, we carry body cameras from premier manufacturers such as Motorola Solutions and Watchguard. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of these cameras for many types of businesses and organizations outside of law enforcement.

Body-Worn Camera Solutions for Business

When we discuss body-worn camera solutions for businesses and organizations outside of law enforcement you might wonder why you need them. Oftentimes the reason for deploying wearable cameras for your business is a matter of safety. Over the past several years, violence has been on the rise at retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and other venues of recreation and hospitality that regularly serve customers.

FBI data shows a steady increase in the number of aggravated assaults that have occurred at the types of businesses listed above. For instance, supermarkets have seen a 60% rise in aggravated assaults occurring on their premises, while the number of assaults at grocery stores increased by 73% over the course of the past several years.

When Covid restrictions were lifted, many businesses in retail and hospitality saw an increase in customers and guests. In 2021, the number of U.S. consumers who decided to spend the money they’d been saving during lockdown to go on vacation grew by 5.2% over 2019’s pre-Covid spending.

From fully booked hotels and a greater number of commercial flights to visits to their favorite restaurants, U.S. consumers have been spending more on retail purchases, vacations, eating out, and on entertainment. After Covid nearly shut down these industries, increased consumer spending has come as a welcome surprise.

It also comes with its problems. Whenever you have more customers, you increase your chances of your employees having a negative experience during an encounter with a customer. Unfortunately, there are times when these negative experiences include assault and violence. 

Body-worn camera solutions are intended to support your workers when dealing with aggressive customers or trespassers by offering you an unbiased video account of the event. These cameras capture every detail of an incident, giving you an objective view of what happened and how it happened.

Wearable video technology helps your employees feel safer. Cameras act as deterrents to potential criminals and discourage abusive customers. They also work as evidence after an incident occurs.

Capture Video Evidence

One of the primary benefits of body-worn cameras for businesses that deal with customers is that they capture video and audio evidence from a better angle than traditional CCTV systems.

If you run a retail store or any public establishment that might be victimized by criminals, facial recognition is not only important to law enforcement officers in apprehending a criminal, but can also serve as evidence in obtaining a criminal conviction. Body-worn cameras capture key traits of a person or persons who want to do harm to your employees or business.

Alter Your Customers’ Behavior

The best body cameras should be small and compact enough to travel with your security teams as they move throughout your venue or store. Quality body cameras also need to accommodate your teams’ shift patterns and work in hazardous and inclement weather conditions—the same as with body-worn cameras used by law enforcement. 

They also need to be visible enough to deter potential criminals. Would-be criminals and unpleasant customers are more reluctant to commit an offense against a lone worker if they know they’re being recorded. Front-facing cameras such as the VB400 from Motorola Solutions are perfect for businesses that serve guests and customers for the deterrence of crime.

The Motorola VB400, for example, is lightweight enough that it attaches easily to the uniforms of your retail or security staff for all-day comfort. It is conspicuous enough to deter potentially confrontational or violent persons from committing crimes against your employees and property.

Carry Cameras on Your Person

It may seem to go without saying, but when you use body cameras at your business instead of a CCTV camera system, you have a portable video evidence solution. In all the businesses we’ve mentioned so far, it is important that workers have their hands free to perform their jobs and interact with customers.

If you own a retail store, you want the best view of each customer interaction. This can be after the fact or in real time. When you need to intervene to protect one of your employees, having a live stream video feed is of paramount importance. When you’re conducting an analysis of an event that already happened, you want to understand precisely what transpired because this may be important to the police, your insurance company, and others.

Better Train Your Employees

The video footage you collect from your body-worn camera can also be used for the training of current and future employees. In training, studies have shown that new employees better understand how to deal with possible altercations and manage customers when they understand the issues they may confront.

With portable body cameras from MCA, you can build a library of video training materials so that your employees are better equipped to deal with potential problems at your business.

Protect Your Business from Theft

CCTV camera systems cannot compete with body-worn camera solutions when it comes to monitoring your entire business. Theft and shoplifting are not just a problem for expensive retail stores. Each day, millions of dollars in lost revenue are literally eaten up by those who steal from grocery stores.

The reason we mention grocery stores here is that they operate on especially thin margins. Grocery stores have a profit of roughly 1%. According to a study at Rutgers University, this means that grocery stores need to recover $100 dollars in purchases for every $1 lost by shoplifting on average.

When you outfit your employees with portable body cams, you can monitor larger areas more easily and efficiently than with CCTV cameras to uncover shoplifters and other criminals.

Improve Customer Service

When your employees and staff feel safe at work, they will do a better job of waiting on customers. Having body cameras will diffuse aggressive incidents, allowing your staff to get back to their most important job of serving your customers or guests.

Having a camera on them at all times also helps to alleviate the symptoms of any trauma your staff may experience as a result of a confrontation. They will at least know that those in leadership positions did the most they could to protect them from harm.

Body-Worn Camera Solutions from MCA

Whether you manage a security team at a large hotel (or a hospital or university) or whether you run a small retail store, MCA’s body-worn camera solutions give you a cost-effective way to protect your people and your property.

For more than 30 years, MCA has offered the best in body-worn cameras perfectly tailored to your business’s unique security needs.

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