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Protecting Your Workforce In The Field

Unhappy Customers Can Lead To Dangerous Situations for Field Workers 

Most of the time, citizens are happy to see your company’s field workers arrive on the scene. When they’ve been dealing with a busted water main or an hours-long power outage, the arrival of the field team means they’re on their way to finding some relief. 

Field workers sometimes encounter disgruntled customers who are frustrated and angry about the situation. Perhaps, they’ve been without power for an extended period, or the crew is damaging their lawn to access the water main. Either way, they may take their frustrations out on your crew, creating a hostile or dangerous situation. Your crew may also encounter other unforeseen situations, such as on-the-job accidents. 

Motorola Solutions’ Body-Worn Cameras and WAVE PTX Communications Systems Increase Worker Confidence and Safety 

While your job as an organization is to provide your customers with an outstanding level of service, we know that the health and safety of your field workers are a top priority. With surveillance and security solutions powered by Motorola Solutions, MCA can work with you to ensure your team can communicate emergencies, coordinate with first responders, and respond accordingly.


During their field response, your workers may encounter frustrated customers. As the situation escalates – and well before it gets dangerous – they can press the emergency alert button on their radio and discretely notify the control room of an unfolding crisis. Additionally, a body-worn camera may help keep the customer in check, as they know there will be video evidence of anything they say or do.


In the control room, the operator can determine the exact location of the distress signal and identify the worker that issued it. They can then remotely access the footage from the body-worn camera and monitor the situation in real time. They can also access and live stream body cam footage as the incident unfolds.


As the control room operator evaluates the situation, they can determine that the worker is safe and that the customer is retreating from the scene without causing further issues. However, as part of their due diligence, they can communicate with the worker via WAVE PTX radio to ensure the worker is safe and comfortable.

The worker may indicate that they would like the control room to “keep an eye” on the situation as the customer left but did not seem entirely satisfied with the result. With Avtec Dispatch, the control room operator will be able to monitor the exact location of the field worker, communicate with others on-site, and dispatch additional resources to the scene if necessary. 


With a fully-integrated and automated surveillance and communication system, Motorola Control Room Solutions (CRS) can begin compiling an incident report complete with a description of the event, timestamps of the initial alert, and a recording of the body-worn camera footage. If the situation had escalated further, control would have been able to notify local authorities and provide them with video evidence for later investigation or prosecution.

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