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Fleet Solutions from MCA

Vehicle Communications and Upfitting Services

As time marches on, the vehicles in your fleet have become more than just a means of transportation. Vehicles have evolved into mobile workplaces, internet hotspots, and providers of real-time information.

Todays’ fleet managers know it is essential for their vehicles to have features like advanced lighting, rugged computing systems, in-vehicle video, and a vast array of devices for radio, cellular, and wi-fi connectivity and communications.

With the communications systems MCA can provide, fleet managers will gain access to advanced vehicle telematics, live video streams, and more. Explore MCA’s solutions below:

MCA Provides Vehicle Solutions For:

  • Public Safety – First Responder Vehicles (EMS, Fire, Police)
  • Logistics – Commercial Transportation (Big Rigs, Freight Trains, Vessels)
  • Transportation – Public Transit Agencies (Buses, Railways)
  • Education – Transit Vehicles (School Buses, Security Patrols)
  • Utilities – Field Service Vehicles (Oil, Gas, Power, Water, Waste)

At MCA, we take a service-first approach to upgrading your vehicles. In transforming your fleet to be smarter, more efficient, and safer, we begin with an honest assessment of what you need.

We maximize your investment, while ensuring that your vehicles are road-ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Supercharge your fleet today by contacting one of the expert members of our team.

Dash Radio Systems

Mobile dash radios from MCA’s channel partner Motorola enable you to communicate efficiently and effectively between vehicles and with central command. For the safety and security of your personnel and the public, choose MCA as your go-to supplier and installer of vehicle-mounted, two-way radios.

Our line of Motorola Two-Way Mobile radios deliver superb audio, integrated Bluetooth, enhanced GPS, and text messaging for your on-the-go communications.


  • Large, Full-Color Displays
  • Day and Night Mode Display Options
  • Integrated GPS and Embedded Bluetooth
  • Best-in-Class Audio
CM200d and CM300d Commercial Motorola Radios
Mobile Communications America Vehicle Area Networks

Vehicle Area Networking

Vehicle area networks (VANs) are transforming how organizations connect to their mobile workers in the field.

MCA’s vehicle area networking solutions allow your dispatchers, IT department, and vehicles to communicate seamlessly over local broadband networks. Bus transit systems, public safety agencies, and service fleets have come to increasingly depend on vehicle area networks to ensure safe and reliable communication with their mobile workforce.


  • Cloud Management Applications and Rugged In-Vehicle Routers
  • Precision GPS and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Wifi-Enabled In-Vehicle Video for Dash and Body Cams
  • Advanced Vehicle Telemetry with I/O Sensors

Vehicle Telemetry

Fleet managers employ vehicle telemetry systems to oversee vehicle performance, diagnose the health of their fleet, and assess driver behavior.

With vehicle telemetry, the sensors and devices in your vehicles provide critical, real-time information in the form of maintenance reports, driving conditions, vehicle location, and weather. Telematics also tracks driver performance to give you important intelligence about behaviors such as speeding and seat-belt usage.


  • In-Car 5G-Ready Cellular Routers and Antennas
  • GPS-Enabled Tracking Devices
  • Vehicle Networking for Telematics
  • Ultra-Low Latency In-Vehicle Connectivity
Vehicle network solutions
Vehicle dash cam

Vehicle Video Camera Systems

MCA’s enterprise-grade vehicle video camera systems protect the public and drivers in the public safety and transportation sectors.

With our extensive inventory of dash cams, body cams, and other vehicle cameras, fleet managers have access to real-time footage inside and outside their vehicles. Store footage in the cloud for easy playback in court cases, insurance claims, and to gain insight into events between your drivers, passengers, and the public.


  • Cameras with Built-In Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR)
  • Livestream with Secure Data Storage on Our Integrated Body and Dash Cams
  • Rugged and Durable Cameras with Night Vision/Infrared Technology
  • Extend Battery Life on Body Cams to Go Beyond the 12-Hour Shift

Vehicle Sirens and Lighting

Currently, our vehicle lighting and siren upfitting installation services are available at more than 80 locations across 13 U.S. states.

With external sirens, PA systems, lightheads, lightbars, and dash lights, MCA has the best lighting and alerting options to upfit your fleet. As a vendor of top manufacturers such as Whelen, MCA’s ability to maximize value, while delivering top quality vehicle sirens and lighting, is unsurpassed.


  • Versatile Mounting Capabilities on All Vehicle Lights
  • Wide Range of Illuminations and Colors
  • Sirens and Speaker Systems for Public Safety
  • Intercoms for Multicab Vehicles
Vehicle Upfit
Policeman using Panasonic Toughbook

In-Vehicle Computers

Our rugged and purpose-built in-vehicle computers, printers, and other devices will truly transform your vehicle into a mobile office.

For emergency first responders and field service technicians in the utilities, MCA’s durable in-vehicle computers help you get the job done with greater efficiency and ease. Give your mobile workers and employees the technology they need to execute important tasks at the scene.


  • Vehicle Computers with LCD Screens for Picture Perfect Viewing in All Conditions
  • Durable Computers with Scratch-Resistance Shells for Longevity
  • Computers with Environmental Seals for the Toughest Jobs
  • Expertise in Installing In-Car Mounts, Consoles, and Other Hardware

Vehicle Asset Tracking

MCA’s vehicle connectivity solutions in the form of purpose-built vehicle routers and antennas enable you to track expensive assets and inventory.

With our vehicle asset tracking solutions, MCA gives organizations the ability to account for pricey consumer goods and measure the temperature for medicines shipped across the globe. Our in-vehicle cellular devices allow you to use the software systems and applications for locating critical assets.


  • Compatible with GNSS Dead Reckoning
  • Works to Enhance Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Technology
  • Enable GPS Tracking of Inventory and Assets
  • Networking for CAD-Capture Asset Management Information Systems
DSR Dash Mount Radar

Vehicle Radar

With our partner, Stalker Radar, MCA offers vehicle radar solutions to governmental organizations through the General Services Administration (GSA).

Buying radars from a GSA Schedule reduces the time it takes you to receive your radars, allows you to buy them at a significant savings, and cuts down on the red tape. MCA ships all Stalker Radar products free directly to the federal government, along with state, local, and tribal governments.


  • Vehicle Computers with LCD Screens for Picture Perfect Viewing in All Conditions
  • Durable Computers with Scratch-Resistance Shells for Longevity
  • Computers with Environmental Seals for the Toughest Jobs
  • Expertise in Installing In-Car Mounts, Consoles, and Other Hardware

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