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Why Your MOTOTRBO Radio Accessories Matter

Get The Most Out Of Your MOTOTRBO Radio With Best-In-Class Accessories

Motorola’s MOTOTRBO radios are already a top-of-the-line solution for any organization that requires their team to be reliably connected. Adding accessories allows your team to become even more efficient while enhancing communication in a variety of ways.

More Efficient Battery Usage with IMPRES™ Batteries and Chargers

When you’re depending on your mobile and portable radio for communication, it’s essential to ensure that your battery is always charged. Avoid unexpected “low battery” alerts with IMPRES™ chargers and batteries. IMPRES chargers let you know exactly how much capacity is in an IMPRES battery before it’s attached to your radio and also alerts you to when the battery is at the end of its service life.

You’ll also enjoy 43% longer battery life over non-IMPRES batteries and can manage your entire battery inventory at a single glance with the IMPRES Battery Fleet Management Software.

Audio Accessories Optimized for Digital Performance

MOTOTRBO are not only a best-in-class accessory solution for your MOTOTRBO radios, but they’ve been specifically optimized for performance in both digital and analog modes. Using approved and certified accessories eliminates “chopper noise” to ensure clear communication with your teams.


Regardless of how loud you’re speaking or what direction your accessory is facing, you’ll be heard loud and clear.

Dual Microphone Audio

Dual microphones block out background noise so you’re always able to communicate clearly.


Wind and other outdoor noises will be reduced so that you’re able to be heard clearly.

Noise Canceling Audio

Wind and other outdoor noises will be reduced so that you’re able to be heard clearly.

Intelligent Audio

Your accessory will be able to listen for changes in background noise and adjust the volume accordingly so that you can hear every call.

Remote Speaker Microphones

Remote Speakers Microphones and Public Safety Microphones provide the operator with clear communication every time with a dual-microphone design that suppresses background noise and a 1-watt speaker that delivers loud, clear audio. They can also be clipped to a shoulder strap or lapel to allow the operator to speak directly into the microphone for optimal clarity.

Remote Speaker Microphone Accessories

If the team requires more private communication or needs extra assurance that they won’t miss a word, remote speaker microphone accessories with 3.5mm jacks allow them to plug a single wire earpiece and microphone right into their portable radio.

Public Safety Microphones and Antennas

Enjoy the same clarity and advanced features as the Remote Speaker Microphones with the added enhancement of a separately purchased antenna to improve reception when every second counts.

Surveillance Accessories and Earpieces

When discretion is of the utmost importance, surveillance accessories and earpieces for the MOTOTRBO will get the job done. Their streamlined design and rugged cables can withstand even the most hectic and grueling environments.

Portable and Mobile Radio Headsets

In loud environments, such as construction sites or factory floors, over-the-ear headsets with Push-to-Talk capabilities ensure that your team’s hearing is protected without impairing their communication.

Operation Critical Wireless Bluetooth Accessories

Operations Critical Wireless accessories allow you to be physically free from your radio while still being completely connected and in communication.

MCA Provides Tailored Communications Solutions

For over 30 years, MCA has provided expertly tailored communications solutions to public and private utilities in need of two-way radios, field connectivity, and wireless signal enhancement systems. Our team provides top-tier support for every aspect of your business and mission-critical communications projects from start to finish. Our engineers assess your needs, design custom solutions, and install systems that fit your organization’s exacting requirements.

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