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Mobile Video Solutions

If your organization needs mobile video, you can count on us to offer the best and most cost-effective solution. Real-time mobile video surveillance with artificial intelligence for analyzing and proactively responding to incidents is critically important for many public safety agencies and private businesses.

When your law enforcement officers arrive at the scene of a crime, you need to ensure that their body-worn cameras provide an optimal video feed. This protects your department from frivolous claims and builds trust within the community. At the same time, private fleet managers can use the feed from our in-car camera systems to monitor driver behavior or as evidence in the case of an accident.

At MCA, we provision, install, and maintain mobile camera systems from premier channel partners such as Motorola Solutions and WatchGuard.

Our Three Core Mobile Video Solutions

In-Vehicle Camera Systems

In-vehicle camera systems provide fleet managers in public safety and commercial transportation with high-definition, real-time video footage of events inside and outside of vehicles. Video evidence captured by your in-car cameras can be used for a number of purposes: ensuring the safety of your officers and security personnel, as evidence in court or for insurance claims, training other officers or drivers, and much more. The cameras installed in your vehicle fleet come with cloud storage, keeping your footage safely and securely stored for easy retrieval.


Automatic License Plate Readers

Many of the in-car cameras and camera systems that we offer come equipped with automatic license plate readers (ALPRs). ALPRs can be mobile or stationary, attached to telephone poles, highway overpasses, outside your parking garage, or in your vehicle itself.
Capturing both complete and partial plate numbers, ALPR systems help law enforcement officers and private security track and locate suspicious vehicles by instantly matching plates against a database of billions of plate numbers.

Body-Worn Cameras

Body-worn cameras have become an essential tool in the law enforcement and security arsenal. Police body cams capture interactions with the public in real-time, giving your department accountability and protection, while also building trust with your community. Body cameras have recently come to be used more by commercial businesses. Discreet body cams that attach to your employees’ lapels or name tags have become more prominent in retail and college campuses, among their many commercial applications.

V300 Body-worn Camera

Industries Served By Our Mobile Video Solutions

Law Enforcement

The benefits of mobile video solutions for law enforcement officers are extensive. Body-worn cameras collect evidence and protect officers from unfounded accusations. Body cams give the public confidence in your police department. At the same time, in-car cameras with automatic license plate readers (ALPRs) help officers solve cases by tracking the date, time, and location of suspicious vehicles.

Emergency Response

Mobile camera systems are becoming increasingly popular for EMTs and other public safety vehicles beyond law enforcement. When you outfit your emergency response vehicles with an in-car camera system, you have video evidence in the event of an accident. Cameras in police vehicles also provide excellent training material, while giving your dispatch center a view of what teams are facing in each situation they enter.

Fire and Rescue

In-car camera systems are an integral part of modern fire and rescue operations. Cameras on the outside of fire trucks and emergency rescue vehicles protect the public and your fire and rescue workers from harm. Similar to EMTs, fire and rescue vehicles also need a mobile camera solution in the event of an accident, as well as for the training of new public safety personnel.


Commercial Transportation

As the fleet manager for a commercial transportation enterprise, our mobile camera solutions help you monitor and assess driver behavior. Gaining a real-time view of what is going on in your vehicles, enabling you to take action in the event of an incident on the road. Mobile video footage from your fleet can help you lower insurance premiums and can be used as evidence in court cases.

Man using phone while shopping


With shoplifting on the rise, more owners of retail businesses are leveraging mobile video solutions to protect their staff, inventory, and other customers. With our entire inventory of discreet body cams such as the Motorola VT100, your employees can simply attach a camera to their lapels or nametag. These cameras record interactions between your employees and customers in the event of an incident.

Girl in safe school


Security teams on college campuses and at universities have begun to use body cameras to ensure a peaceful and secure campus environment. Independent research confirms that body cams for campus peace officers increase accuracy in reporting and are the best tool for training new security personnel and campus officers. Video evidence stored in the cloud is accessible to campus safety officers to review interactions and incidents.

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