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Vehicle Upfitting

With more than 80 locations across 13 states, MCA has the solutions you need to upgrade the vehicles in your fleet. We can outfit your vehicles with emergency lighting visible to other vehicles on the road even on the brightest days. We also offer cost-effective in-car communications systems for always-on connectivity so your first responders always enter the scene of an emergency prepared.

With our durable mounts, stands, and center consoles, you can transform your vehicles into mobile offices. Fleet management for both emergency and commercial vehicles requires in-vehicle computing. Our vehicle area network (VAN) solutions enable fleet managers in public safety and private enterprise to extend WiFi coverage up to 300 feet outside your vehicles.

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Vehicle Upfitting Solutions

Vehicle Lighting Solutions

Partnering with top manufacturers like Whelen, MCA provisions and installs vehicle lightbars, interior lights, and dash lights that offer unparalleled illumination. Our fleet lights are designed specifically for public safety vehicles, tow trucks, and field service vehicles. When other vehicles on the road are unaware that you’re coming, this can be a recipe for disaster. When you choose MCA as your vehicle lighting solutions provider, you can count on us to keep your drivers and others safe on the road.

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Vehicle Area Networks

Vehicle area networks (VANs) transform how you stay connected with your mobile teams and workforce. Allowing you to manage your fleet over a wide geographic area, our vehicle networking solutions enable your dispatchers to communicate with each other over broadband. USAT delivers powerful in-car modems that keep your central command connected to vehicles in the field. We also offer the best-in-class dash stands and in-vehicle mounts for your in-car computers and laptops.

Industries Served By Our Vehicle Upfitting Solutions

Utilities Field Service Vehicle Networking


Field service vehicles in the utilities need in-vehicle communications. Industries such as oil and gas, water and wastewater, and power connect you with your drivers, protecting them and your critical assets. Vehicle area networks keep mobile radios and in-vehicle cameras turned on to identify and address issues that arise across your operations.


Vehicle telemetry is a critical component of your logistics enterprise. You need to track your vehicles, assess the performance of your drivers, and make sure your fleet is healthy. In-car cellular connectivity from MCA helps you monitor fleet and driver performance, protecting your bottom line.

Public Safety

Law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and emergency first responders all benefit from MCA’s vehicle upfitting solutions. From in-car vehicle camera systems to the most durable computer mounts for police cruisers, public safety agencies require the best technology to protect the public.


When you manage a public transportation system, you need in-vehicle cameras across your fleet to protect both your drivers and the public. MCA keeps your buses connected with central dispatch, providing unparalleled communication and access to ensure that your transportation system runs smoothly.

School Bus Wi-Fi Solutions


Helping school districts protect our most precious cargo is central to MCA’s mission. Outfitting school buses with mobile dash radios help bus drivers stay connected, and enables school administrators to make critical decisions central to the safety and welfare of their pupils.

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