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ALPR and LPR Cameras

Mobile License Plate Readers

When your law enforcement officers are in the field protecting lives and property, the last thing you want is for them to be distracted looking up license plate numbers.

With the L5M ALPR system from Motorola and 4RE cameras from WatchGuard with built-in ALPR, officers can receive instant information about suspicious vehicles on the road.

Fixed License Plate Readers

When your security officers in parking facilities or transit officials at highway authorities need to monitor and report on suspicious or illegal vehicle behaviors, our fixed plate reader solutions are just what they need to capture the information they need to better identify threats and report activities to law enforcement officials and TSA agents.


Types of LPR Systems We Offer

Motorola L5M Mobile Camera System

If the vehicles in your police fleet already have dash cams, Motorola’s L5M Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) delivers a high-performance solution to maximize detection and data collection.

Even in imperfect lighting conditions and with speeding vehicles, the L5M license plate recognition system leverages dual color and infrared (IR) sensors and lenses to capture more license plate information in the field.

The Motorola L5M’s global shutter offers unprecedented clarity of plate information even when vehicles are moving at high speeds.

Motorola L5F Fixed LPR Camera System​

For transit authorities and parking security, the Motorola L5F features sophisticated color and infrared sensors that enable you to capture crystal clear images of license plates in low-light conditions.

With the L5F Fixed LPR Camera System, you can easily and efficiently create hot/shielded lists and send instant notifications to your transit agents and security teams. Finding and tracking vehicles of interest has never been more simple.

Software applications such as Vigilant PlateSearch on any of our fixed or in-vehicle LPRs gives you access to databases capable of scanning billions of plates at once.

WatchGuard 4RE Cameras with ALPR

MCA also possesses expertise in the installation and maintenance of WatchGuard 4RE cameras with built-in ALPR. As one of the best-in-class in-vehicle cameras for your police vehicles, 4RE cameras also include automated license plate detection.

The WatchGuard 4RE Mobile ALPR Solution uses vehicle license plate detection and a national database of 10+ billion plate detections to provide you with real-time, in-vehicle actionable intelligence.

LEARN advanced analytics is the software backbone of 4RE’s ALPR solution, streamlining and transforming routine data into critical insights for law enforcement.

How LPRs from MCA Work

Scan License Plate


HD in-car and fixed cameras detect license plate numbers from vehicles—even those traveling at high speeds

Detect Matching License Plate


Software immediately searches through billions of plates in databases to actionable intelligence

Act on information from detection


Within seconds, officers in the field receive all pertinent information about a vehicle of interest

Features and Benefits of MCA LPR Solutions

Camera System Features

360° Rotatable HD
Turret Camera*
CarDetector Software
from Vigilant
Digital Evidence
Panoramic XR, Zero Sightline,
or Mini Zoom
Investigative Suite
Enhanced Cellular

*Only available on WatchGuard 4RE cameras

Camera System Benefits

LPRs in Action

Increase Your Officers’ Situational Awareness During Traffic Stops

  1. License plates from stolen vehicles are added to a hotlist. This information is shared across jurisdictions and agencies nationwide.
  2. When an officer pulls over a vehicle of interest, the LPR scans the plate and CarDetector sounds an alert within seconds for vehicles reported as stolen.
  3. Acting on this critical intelligence, officers on the scene are empowered to take appropriate action

Prevent Future Crimes

97% of car thieves commit additional crimes after vehicle theft, many involving the vehicles they stole. LPR systems alert police and other safety officers to vehicles of interest to halt crime sprees.

Increase Officer Safety

Provide your police officers with instant, actionable intelligence during routine traffic stops before they approach vehicles. Help them protect themselves against potential threats.

Solve More Cases

Vigilant CarDetector gathers data on vehicle license plates from multiple agencies nationwide. The LEARN investigative platform sifts through that data to deliver critical intelligence to officers.

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