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ALPR Cameras for Public Safety

Automatic license plate readers (ALPRs) are computer-controlled camera systems attached inside your cars, to street poles, highway overpasses, or anywhere on your organization’s property. ALPR cameras come equipped with license plate detection for law enforcement and other public and private safety organizations to quickly identify suspicious vehicles.

License plate reader camera systems capture plate numbers, as well as the time, date, and location of a vehicle. The data collected by both fixed and mobile ALPRs may also include photographs of the driver and passengers of vehicles. All of this information is uploaded to a computer database that scans through billions of plate numbers, providing police officers and security guards with actionable intelligence.

MCA sells and installs the best automatic license plate reader cameras in your vehicles or at fixed points in and around your parking garage, airport, or other facilities. With over 80 offices across the country, you can schedule a consultation with our expert ALPR technicians. We deliver the top ALPR solutions to law enforcement and other public safety agencies through our premier channel partners at Motorola Solutions and WatchGuard.


How Do Automatic License Plate Readers Work?

ALPRs fall into two categories: fixed camera systems and mobile camera systems. 

Fixed license plate readers remain stationary at a single location. Public safety officials often place them on telephone poles, on traffic lights, and near freeway exit ramps to monitor drivers’ behavior and look out for stolen vehicles. Mobile ALPR cameras are typically inside and outside law enforcement vehicles and squad cars.    

Fixed ALPRs can also be used by private organizations to protect their people and their property. Installed at the entrance to a building or outside a garage for parking management, these cameras capture license plate data for a proactive security response or post-incident forensic analysis.

Mobile license plate reader camera systems enable law enforcement agencies to pick up and scan license plates automatically as officers drive throughout your city or town on their shift. In addition to capturing the license plate information of cars on the road, mobile ALPRs from MCA allow officers to quickly drive through parking lots with thousands of cars to scan vehicle plates in an instant.

ALPR Cameras from MCA

MCA delivers the latest in ALPR technology. Our experts in license plate reader cameras will help you find the most cost-effective solutions for installing automated license plate readers in your fleet or at your facilities.

Motorola L5M Mobile ALPR Camera System

MCA delivers the latest in ALPR technology. Our experts in license plate reader cameras will help you find the most cost-effective solutions for installing automated license plate readers in your fleet or at your facilities.

Motorola L5F Fixed LPR Camera System​

Fixed ALPR systems work well if you’re a transit authority, run a parking garage, or have extensive security needs. As a business owner, delivering license plate information to local law enforcement can be the difference between apprehending a criminal and letting them go free.

Motorola Solutions’ L5F features technologically sophisticated color and infrared sensors that enable you to capture license plate information in low light. With this ALPR solution, you can easily create hot lists for stolen vehicles. You can set up the L5F to send instant notifications to your police force, transit agents, and security teams when it identifies a suspicious or stolen car.

When combined with software applications such as Vigilant PlateSearch from MCA, you have access to a database with billions of license plates that can be scanned in seconds.

WatchGuard 4RE Cameras with ALPR

MCA also has expertise in the provisioning, installation, and servicing of WatchGuard 4RE cameras with built-in ALPR. WatchGuard’s 4RE cameras combine the best way to capture footage from your squad car with one of the most sophisticated ALPRs for police departments.

The LEARN analytics platform is the backbone of WatchGuard 4RE’s ALPR system. It relies on a database of more than 10 billion plate detections, giving your officers instantaneous and actionable intelligence.

Smart policing requires real-time insights. With WatchGuard’s license plate reader cameras, you become better able to protect the public and save lives.

Features of Our ALPR Camera Solutions

Scan License Plate


Cameras in your vehicle or at fixed locations capture thousands of plate numbers for cars traveling at any speed under any lighting conditions.

Detect Matching License Plate


Our software searches billions of plates in the database. It provides your police or security officers with actionable intelligence in an instant.

Act on information from detection


Receiving information about a suspicious or stolen vehicle, your team can act immediately instead of losing time waiting for plates to be run.

Our License Plate Reader Systems

Camera System Features

360° Rotatable HD
Turret Camera*
CarDetector Software
from Vigilant
Digital Evidence
Panoramic XR, Zero Sightline,
or Mini Zoom
Investigative Suite
Enhanced Cellular

*Only available on WatchGuard 4RE cameras

ALPR Cameras for Law Enforcement In Action

Increase Situational Awareness During Routine Traffic Stops

When your officer pulls over a vehicle, you want to ensure that they have all the information they need to protect themselves and their fellow officers. Automatic license plate readers give them the ability to execute swift justice.

How do ALPRs work for law enforcement?

  1. Plates from stolen vehicles appear on hot lists. This license plate data is shared across agencies and jurisdictions.
  2. When your officer pulls over a vehicle, their mobile ALPR camera scan the plate. With CarDetector software, an alarm will sound if the vehicle shows up as stolen.
  3. Acting on this intelligence, your officers can proceed to make an arrest or wait for backup. ALPR technology is designed to protect your officers.

Prevent Future Crimes

97% of car thieves commit additional crimes after they have stolen a vehicle. ALPR cameras help public safety and police officers prevent potential crime sprees.

Increase Officer Safety

When your officers approach a vehicle, license plate reader cameras protect them against potential threats to their safety by providing more information.

Solve More Cases

Vigilant CarDetector software gathers plate numbers and location data from multiple agencies. Our ALPR systems contain data on billions of plates.

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