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In-Building Cellular Coverage for Your Customers

Boost Your Facilities Signal Strength

When the customers and guests in your buildings or facilities lose cellular coverage, you lose business. It’s as simple as that. Mobile Communications America (MCA) provides turnkey Cellular-DAS solutions for buildings, campuses, arenas, and other facilities to ensure that your customers never lose signal coverage. We have installed more than 3,000 Cellular-DAS systems and small cell networks across the United States.

Why Is Cellular DAS Critical?

With the explosion of wireless devices such as phones, tablets and laptops operating on carrier frequencies, in-building signal coverage can all too frequently become compromised resulting in lost productivity or worse compromising tenant safety. Adding to the volume of wireless devices competing for cellular coverage, are new construction materials such as steel, concrete and Low-E Glass that frequently impede signal strength requiring facilities to enhance their cellular or RF coverage.

When it comes to Cellular-DAS MCA is equally proficient in designing, installing and maintaining Cellular-DAS Networks. MCA routinely works with all the major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint to design and engineer custom Cellular-DAS solutions that meet the carriers, as well as the facilities and tenants’ unique requirements.

What’s the Difference between Public Safety DAS and Cellular DAS?

These two systems are unique, and cannot support one another. By necessity, the Public Safety-DAS needs to operate independently of a Cellular-DAS.

DAS Cellular Enhancement Technical Capacities

When you need to optimize cellular coverage, bandwidth speeds, and capacity inside of your buildings, across medical and university campuses, and in outdoor venues, MCA is your preferred solutions provider.

Wireless Consulting

RF Benchmark Testing

Certified Design Services

Carrier Coordination

Project Management


System Commissioning

24/7 NOC Monitoring

Full Maintenance

Cellular Coverage Enhancement Solutions By Industry

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Public Venues

From corporate office parks to airports, MCA has worked with hundreds of large public venues to give them the enterprise-grade in-building cellular and Wi-fi networks they need for their business-critical operations. Our cellular enhancement solutions remedy the problems of poor and spotty coverage and reduce slowdowns associated with network congestion as your public venues reach full capacity.

Hotel guest on cell phone


Boost cellular signals in your hotel, casino, and resort with DAS cellular enhancement solutions from MCA. We provide your guests with the best possible experience by delivering consistent coverage across your entire facility. We have installed in-building cellular enhancement systems in hundreds of hospitality venues nationwide.

Student talking on cell phone

Campuses and Schools

When it comes to schools and university campuses, traditional Wifi hotspots are simply not up to the task of providing consistent cellular coverage to your students, faculty, and staff. Your students, safety personnel, and administration teams need a reliable signal everywhere on campus—from dorm rooms to campus parking lots. It’s a matter of both convenience and safety.

Nurse using tablet


Today, doctors and nurses rely on smartphones and tablets to disseminate important medical information. And patients, and their visitors, need to be able to reliably access connections to easily contact loved ones. With such large capacity requirements, DAS cellular enhancement systems give hospitals the boost they need.

Green stadium seats

Arenas and Stadiums

Giving event attendees the best experiences possible is MCA’s top priority. Guests at your events should never lose cellular coverage because local carrier networks can’t handle the capacity. Similarly, vendors using cellular-based EPOS systems can’t afford to have their internet access interrupted as their ability to generate revenues are dependent upon always-on connectivity.

Man using phone while shopping


Give your shoppers the best retail experience with expanded in-building cellular coverage from MCA’s DAS systems. For your workers, our Multi-Carrier DAS systems for cellular enhancement offer reliable connectivity for cashiers operating electronic POS systems, while also giving in-store security the communication resources they need.

Primary Applications for Cellular Enhancement Solutions

Primary and Backup Business Connectivity

Many government offices and private businesses are utilizing cellular routers to provide primary and back-up connectivity for their daily operations due to poor hardline infrastructure at their location. DAS cellular enhancement systems can eliminate the need for every router to have an externally mounted antenna by boosting and evenly distributing cellular coverage across your entire building.

MCA’s design and engineering teams thoroughly examine the layout of each and every area of a building or buildings where cellular coverage is inadequate to meet the needs of your operations, employees, clients, and visitors. We will devise a custom solution that fits your organization’s budget.

Employees, Visitors, and Guests

When your hotel guests, office parks employees, hospital patients, or event attendees utilize your buildings and venues, they expect a certain level of care,  and a particular kind of experience that comes with a well-functioning cellular network. Spotty, inadequate Wifi coverage for the employees, visitors, and guests occupying your buildings and venues can ruin the perfect deal, destroy a great stay, and make your customers miss out on documenting once-in-lifetime moments.

With MCA’s DAS cellular enhancement solutions, your customers and employees will never again be left to languish due to dead zones or network congestion.

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Partner with MCA as your turn-key provider of Cellular-DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) to ensure emergency responders using public safety networks (like FirstNet®) and your systems, staff, guests, and patients utilizing public LTE and 5G networks (like Verizon) have excellent signal coverage throughout your facilities.

MCA provides service every step of the way—from testing and preliminary site design to continued maintenance and monitoring of your system. We even provide a no capital required monthly payment plan. To request a free consultation, or just to learn more about our solution offerings, fill out our contact form.

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