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RapidWarn for Managing Your Mass Notification Devices

Cost-Effective Alerting System Automation Solutions

Emergency managers and coordinators are consistently tasked to do more with less. Your budgets are stretched thin, but you still must protect the public and your employees by maintaining an effective emergency system with notifications and sirens that work. As an authorized distributor of the RapidWarn application, MCA provides both public and private enterprises with a cost-effective solution to achieving an optimized siren and mass notification system.

What is Rapid Warn?

We live in a time when Emergency Coordinators are asked to do more with less – while still being required to maintain effective emergency notification standards. The RapidWarn® application, available from MCA, helps agencies in both the public and private sectors achieve both goals.

Rapdiwarn on laptop

Originally, RapidWarn® was designed to be a Weather Message Processing Software. Its initial goal was simple, to enable the activation of outdoor warning sirens based on polygonal weather related events reported by the National Weather Service. As of today, RapidWarn has matured and developed into a comprehensive system to meet our clients ever-growing demand for mass notification products.

RapidWarn is capable of supporting a variety of remote client connectivity options to trigger your network activations. The complete application allows workstations to become full activation points, while its limited version allows defined access linked to a list of emergency scenarios.

RapidWarn Enables Organizations to Automatically...

Activate your warning sirens and systems

Post NWS warnings to your social media site

Email activation and diagnostic notices

Run monthly or quarterly siren tests

Run diagnostics of your siren system

RapidWarn Activation Channels for Emergency Communication



Receive alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS) to automatically activate RapidWarn’s siren systems. Define the inputs and our system will issue tornado, thunderstorm, and other emergency warnings to any facilities, worksites, or locations you select.

Hand pushing keyboard button

Intuitive Application Interface

Simply push a button on a keyboard or click with your mouse to activate individual sirens or groups of designated sirens across your field of operations. Select Call Key/Sequence to visually confirm device activation and cancel activations at any time.

Hand pulling fire alarm

Push Button & I/O Solutions

RapidWarn provides I/O modules that activate mass notification devices in the case of an external event. With a simple contact closure, our system supports up to 24 separate I/O ports with setup screens for easy status verification.

Person on cell phone


Expand emergency notification and activation by adding phones to your system. Rapidly activate sirens by dialing into preset Call Key/Sequence, and receive instant communication of system activation. Allow users to place calls to deactivate your warning and siren system.

Security office looking at monitors


The team at MCA, experts in two-way radio systems, can provide your team with pre-programmed MotoTRBO radios capable of push button system activations and alert cancellations. We can also boost your in-building wireless coverage with expertly installed DAS systems.

Warning and Alerting Devices on the RapidWarn Emergency System

Warning siren speakers

Indoor Sirens

The RapidWarn system is siren agnostic allowing for integration with new and existing PA and Speaker Systems, supporting voice, tone, and strobe light notifications.

Outdoor Sirens

RapidWarn delivers diagnostic feedback on outdoor siren systems, including their communication path, driver/amp failure, and voltage tests.

Call center woman

Desktop Alerts

RapidWarn Desktop Alert is an internal first-response system that broadcasts emergency messages to all desktop computers in your network.

Smart phone text alert

Text Message

RapidWarn can be set up to deliver short text messages (such as alerts from the NWS) to emergency managers and other personnel.

Hand holding two way radio


RapidWarn enables you to control sirens across analog and digital radio frequencies and bands and allows managers to send out audio alerts over radio channels and talkgroups.

RapidWarn Is Affordable, Dynamic And Most Importantly,
Comprehensive In Its Reach To End Users.

All access is documented based on IP address and activations allow for password protection on a per-user basis. Additionally, with a fully developed bi-directional API, RapidWarn can send and receive information from 3rd party software. This allows for extensive product integration which creates a cost savings by leveraging existing systems for maximum effectiveness.

In a time of crisis, or impending emergency, seconds count.

In summary, RapidWarn™ has a simple and easy to use interface that provides operators a quick path to initiating an alert. 

RapidWarn’s approach is to combine the very best hardware and software to leverage your existing systems while providing a complete notification and alerting process.

It’s ability to support multiple activation technologies extends its capabilities to your operators in the field and those closest to the emergency.

Rapidwarn Systems Deployed by MCA

The MNS team at MCA has deployed hundreds of mass notification systems that utilize the RapidWarn application across the USA from coast to coast in both government and commercial applications.

With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use commands, RapidWarn offers the best software solution for complete control of your siren and mass notification systems. Combined with its I/O modules and other devices, it provides the best in hardware for the management of your emergency messages as well.

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