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Retail and Branch Locations Require State of the Art Security Measures

America’s Largest Industry Isn’t Slowing Down

As the largest employment sector in the United States – with over 52 million jobs and over 1 million brick-and-mortar establishments – the retail industry plays a huge part in the everyday lives of both consumers and workers. Although eCommerce is becoming increasingly popular, in-person shopping still accounts for 87% of sales industry-wide. Additionally, the “buy online pick up in store” (BOPIS) model is now used by 68% of all shoppers, meaning even if their purchase was completed online, they still have to go to the store to get their goods.

Security Concerns for Retail and Branch Locations

With so many customers in and out of stores and branches throughout the day – in addition to store employees and third-party vendors – and an incredible amount of valuable merchandise and cash on the premises, retail and branch environments have unique security concerns that must be addressed to ensure the safety of all individuals and the security of the property, merchandise, and assets.

Shoplifting and Theft

Retail stores are susceptible to theft not only by shoplifters but internal theft by employees as well. Employees may engage in activities like stealing cash and merchandise, or providing unauthorized discounts, causing financial losses and affecting inventory accuracy.


Stores that operate during late hours or in high-crime areas may face the risk of armed robberies. These incidents can endanger the safety of employees and customers and lead to financial losses in the form of both lost assets or merchandise and a decline in the store’s reputation.

Workplace Violence

Since retail and branch workers deal with so many different people in different types of scenarios day in and day out, they can, unfortunately, become victims of violence, including physical altercations, harassment, and assaults.

Fire Hazards

With a high quantity of flammable materials, such as clothing, paper, and packaging, retail and branch locations can be susceptible to fire.

Slips and Falls

Slip-and-fall accidents, trips, and other injuries can occur in retail stores due to hazards like wet floors, inadequate lighting, or improperly maintained premises.

Increasing Security and Visibility For Retail and Branch

There are a few things that retail and branch locations can do to increase the security of their premises and protect their employees, customers, and visitors.

Video Surveillance

With a robust video surveillance system, you’ll be able to have eyes on both the interior and exterior of your property, ensuring the safety of your team and facility. Not only will video surveillance allow you to monitor real-time activity to prevent incidents in progress and provide evidence to law enforcement in the event of criminal cases, but it will also act as a criminal deterrent. Multiple studies show that video cameras are enough to prevent a crime – from theft to acts of violence – from taking place.

Facial and License Plate Recognition

In line with robust video surveillance is the ability to utilize automated facial and license plate recognition software that will alert personnel – be it store managers or security officers – to known individuals who should not be allowed on the premises. And similarly to video records, facial and license plate recognition can help identify criminals after an incident and be provided to law enforcement as evidence.

Access Control

One of the best ways to keep your facility safe is to ensure it’s secure. With Asset Control systems, you can prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing secure areas, such as merchandise store rooms, vaults, and cash registers. The more secure an entire facility is, the less likely criminals will target it. Access Control can also be configured to alert personnel to unauthorized or failed access attempts, potentially catching – or preventing – a crime in progress.

Asset Monitoring

In the event that merchandise or other property are stolen, asset monitoring will provide a way of tracking the items. This can assist law enforcement in recovering them while also identifying suspects.

Mass Notification Systems

When emergencies happen, it’s important that all individuals on the premises are aware of the situation and know what steps to take to protect themselves. Mass Notification Systems can provide this potentially life-saving information in various ways- including audible sirens and messaging, digital signage, and flashing lights – ensuring that individuals who may be hard of hearing or visually impaired are still alerted.

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