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Video Surveillance Systems from MCA

What is a Video Surveillance System?

A video surveillance system includes a system of cameras, monitors and display units, and recorders that work together to keep you and your organization safe. A video surveillance system helps protect you from burglary, fire, flood, and intrusion. And they can do even more: A video surveillance system can help make your employees more accountable and help you monitor their productivity. The watchful eye of cameras can deter criminal activity from happening in the first place and provide evidence if a crime is committed on your property.

You can customize a video surveillance system to fit your needs. Cameras can be either analog or digital, and they can be visible or hidden. Video surveillance systems can operate around the clock, be programmed to record only movements, or be set to record during certain times of the day or night.

You can also choose how to review footage. Live and remote monitoring are available, or you can record and store footage using a DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder).

The Best Security Camera Systems for Small Businesses

Security Cameras for Business

The best commercial security cameras provide video surveillance that helps businesses and organizations protect their assets and improve productivity. Video monitoring allows you to enhance your public health efforts further. With cameras from MCA, you can enforce social distancing, watch for crowding, regulate face mask usage, and more. We partner with leading manufacturers of business security cameras to secure various businesses and organizations. As your security systems integrator, we can work with you to provide 24/7 live video surveillance to meet your needs.

Video Analytics Software

An effective video surveillance solution is only as good as the software behind it. You can keep the boundaries on your property clear and secure with video analytics. MCA uses the most advanced facial recognition software and video analytics to help your security team identify loiterers and trespassers who may threaten the safety on your property.

Video analytics software from MCA can also help you accurately forecast trends and improve business operations and infrastructure. Our innovative surveillance and video monitoring solutions help businesses and organizations identify key areas of improvement, analyze and compare historical data, and make informed business decisions that benefit all departments.

Cloud Storage

MCA offers the latest in cloud storage to address your video storage needs. Our video surveillance solutions allow you to play back and review video footage. Using MCA’s storage technology, you can remotely store your video surveillance footage on a secure web portal.

Software for Video Surveillance

Real-Time Alerts

Your facilities can be more secure when your security team receives smart, automatic alerts. Real-time alerts let you know when an emergency on your property requires an intervention. Intelligent surveillance and alerts allow your security team to take action faster.

Command Centers

MCA can provide a fully integrated custom command center design to give your security personnel a functional space to monitor your buildings and property. Whether you need a complex command center console for a single security professional or a command center for mission-critical surveillance, we can work with your budget to meet your needs.

Video Surveillance in Alarm Systems

VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service)

Storing surveillance footage onsite can take up hard drive space that can be put to better use. VSaaS from MCA helps solve this problem. Instead of storing surveillance footage onsite, let us empower you to remotely store, manage, record, play, and monitor surveillance footage from the cloud.

Industries Our Video Surveillance Systems Serve


Video Surveillance Systems help keep students safe at school. The presence of cameras themselves helps deter assaults, theft, and vandalism from happening. Recording all activity serves as evidence needed to resolve conflicts on campus and catch intruders.

Factory machinery


Video surveillance systems help protect plants, factories, and mills with loss prevention by keeping trespassers off the property. Cameras also make it possible for supervisors to manage multiple locations remotely. Video surveillance ensures shipments arrive safely, and cameras help monitor inventory levels. Cameras in plants, factories, and mills help mitigate risks and workplace hazards and maximize production. MCA can integrate a video surveillance system with your existing security systems.

Safe utility worker


Video surveillance systems can help ensure that your facility meets security regulations. Cameras help you ensure your workers maintain safety protocols and keep high-security areas secure by deterring trespassers from entering. Video surveillance can capture incidents that could hinder production. You’ll be able to monitor your facility off-site using video surveillance systems.

Security on two way radio


A video surveillance system can increase the level of security you provide by supporting your guards. Guards can monitor cameras live to help solidify your security. While there are advantages to live security, cameras can see farther, wider, and better in low light than security guards. When you use video surveillance, you can monitor remotely when a guard isn’t available.

Public Safety

The mere presence of cameras makes the public feel safer and helps deter harassment, vandalism, and other criminal behavior. Cameras in public spaces also provide an objective and unbiased view of how people behave in public. A fully integrated video surveillance system helps police react faster to suspicious behavior and allows them to look at the video in real-time.

Request a Free Consultation

MCA can customize video surveillance solutions to fit your specific needs. Our team of professionals assesses your property and designs a solution for you, whether you’re in the public sector or manage security in the private sphere. Rely on MCA for your video monitoring needs, from installing cameras on your property to setting you up with a security command center to manage it all.

Industries ranging from education to manufacturing rely on video surveillance solutions from MCA to protect their property and everyone on it. Trust MCA to do the same for you. And as your security systems integrator, we can integrate a video surveillance system that works with your existing security systems.

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