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Transforming Safety Through Technology

The Shift in Safety Dynamics

In a rapidly changing world shaped by the pandemic, safety expectations have been redefined, innovation accelerated, and attitudes toward technology transformed. A global research study conducted by Motorola Solutions in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London, examined the intersection of safety and technology during the pandemic.

This study surveyed 12,000 people, across 50 public safety agencies, and 10 markets across the world. In this article, we are highlighting the key findings.

The study found that 75% of participants are willing to trust organizations with their information as long as it’s used appropriately. Trust and transparency between citizens and safety providers have become crucial for successful technology acceptance and adoption. Organizations must ensure that technology usage aligns with inclusive, fair, and transparent principles.

Innovation Acceleration in Public Safety

The pandemic’s emergence further accelerated technology adoption trends that were already underway. Public safety agencies and businesses experienced high-velocity innovation in areas such as cloud adoption, video usage, and interoperability between systems. Cloud technology, AI, and video cameras have been adapted to address evolving threats and ensure public safety.

Adapting Technology to New Threats

Police agencies and large retailers leveraged technology, such as body-worn cameras, AI, and video analytics, to counteract new threats. These solutions have been creatively deployed to enhance worker safety, streamline operations, and improve efficiency.

Interoperability and Data Sharing

The need for interoperability and data sharing among public safety agencies emerged as a common challenge. Organizations are seeking integrated solutions and systems that enhance communication across disparate technologies. While challenges exist, efforts are being made to bridge the gap and achieve seamless collaboration between agencies.

The Role of Video Solutions

Video technology has experienced a surge in adoption, both for security and operational purposes. Public safety agencies, transportation providers, and retailers are utilizing video solutions to enhance transparency, security, and efficiency. Examples include body-worn cameras for law enforcement, license plate recognition, and AI-powered video analytics.

Building Trust in Emerging Technologies

To leverage technology effectively, organizations must build trust through transparent communication, employee training, and accountability. The study highlights the importance of involving the community in the decision-making process and ensuring technologies like AI are understood and used responsibly.

Statistical Highlights

Citizen Survey Highlights

  • 66% are open to new technologies that benefit public safety – even higher approval rates of 70% or more were seen in five of the 10 markets.
  • 71% say commercial organizations need access to technology to ensure the continuity of their services.
  • 68% want to use technology to help emergency services, such as sharing images or video of incidents in their communities with public safety agencies.

Increasing Use of Video Solutions

  • 62% say they feel safer in a society where advanced video and communications technologies are used, with 8 out of 10 markets surveyed reporting approval rates for usage of these technologies at 60% or higher.
  • 66% say video cameras for security are equally useful at home, at work, and in public places, reflecting greater awareness and familiarity with the use of video across society.

Building Trust in Emerging Technologies

  • 75% of people say that they are willing to trust the organizations that hold their information so long as they use it appropriately.
  • 66% of citizens say they will trust safety technology if they understand and agree with its goals and values.
  • 65% globally trust their emergency services – including police, fire, and ambulance services – to use safety technologies responsibly.
  • 52% of respondents would trust artificial intelligence to analyze situations of threat.

How MCA Can Help Deliver Transformation And Transparency

MCA can assist organizations in building trust and transparency, which – as the study illustrates – has become imperative for organizations evaluating the adoption of safety technologies. MCA is at the forefront, offering state-of-the-art technology options, including voice, security, and data solutions that can help organizations – from large private enterprises to public safety agencies – adapt to new threats efficiently.

MCA can also aid organizations in bridging the gap to achieve seamless collaboration between agencies by providing integrated solutions and systems that can enhance transparency, security, and efficiency across various sectors.

Through transparent communication, employee training, and accountability measures, MCA assists organizations in fostering trust within their communities. Our extensive service portfolio, along with our commitment to quality, safety, and productivity, positions us as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of safety and technology. With MCA’s support, organizations can harness the power of innovative solutions to create safer, more secure, and highly efficient workplaces, all while building trust and transparency with their communities.

About MCA

MCA is one of the largest and most trusted integrators in the United States, offering world-class voice, data, and security solutions that enhance the quality, safety, and productivity of customers, operations, and lives. More than 65,000 customers trust MCA to provide carefully researched solutions for a safe, secure, and more efficient workplace. As your trusted advisor, we reduce the time and effort needed to research, install, and maintain the right solutions to make your workplace better.

Our team of certified professionals across the United States delivers a full suite of reliable technologies with a service-first approach. The MCA advantage is our extensive service portfolio to support the solution lifecycle from start to finish.

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