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Monitoring Access to Hazardous Risk Areas

Manufacturing Hazardous Areas

Hazardous Materials Require Strict Adherence to Safety Protocols

The vast majority of manufacturing facilities contain dangerous equipment and authorized personnel-only areas, but in facilities that handle hazardous materials – such as toxic chemicals or explosives – protocols may be even more strict. 

In these facilities, an area is likely off-limits to anyone without explicit authorization and not dressed appropriately in the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Similarly, in facilities with toxic chemicals, there may be time limits on how long exposure can last before taking a mandated break or requiring assistance for health and safety purposes.

Motorola Solutions’ Surveillance and Communication Equipment Keeps Employees Safe

There are several situations where monitoring personnel closely may be warranted. For some, tracking how long they’re in a specific area may be to avoid overexposure to chemicals. In other scenarios, it may be to ensure they wear the proper protective equipment before entering a secure space. No matter which your monitoring for, enhanced situational awareness can help you protect your business and its’ people.


Suppose an employee (or non-employee) enters a hazardous risk area. In that case, they will automatically be monitored by video surveillance to confirm that they are complying with all safety protocols and to monitor their health and well-being while in the area. 

Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon Video cameras with automated Face Mask and Presence Detection capabilities can monitor individuals entering the space and alert security personnel if the appropriate procedures are not being followed, for example, a lack of PPE or spending too long in a time-restricted area.

graphic in HRA detection


Suppose the automated systems, powered by Avigilon cameras and ControlCenter, detect that an individual has accessed a secure area for too long or without the proper equipment. In that case, an alert will be sent to the security team so that they can review stored video and live-feed video to decide which actions to take.

Graphic in HRA analysis


If it’s determined that the individual should leave the room, the operations center will be notified via Avtec Dispatch System and contact the employee on their WAVE PTX enabled radio. At that point, security personnel can provide instruction and monitoring as the employee is safely evacuated and ensure that they follow necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the individual and their fellow employees.

Graphic in HRA communication


Once the employee is located and their health status is confirmed, details of the incident – including automated time stamps of alerts and video files – can be populated into ALLY Incident Management software. The report can then be provided to first responders or health officials if needed or reviewed internally to see if adjustments should be made to existing protocols.

Graphic about HRA responsding

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