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Motorola ACE1000 RTU Discontinued

Motorola ACE1000

End of Sale Announced for ACE1000 Remote Terminal Units

Motorola Solutions has announced that they will discontinue their ACE1000 remote terminal units (RTUs) effective July 22nd. 

If you’re currently using a Motorola ACE1000 RTU or related parts to transmit data to your business’s SCADA system, you may want to think about switching them out for Motorola’s ACE36000 RTUs or MC-EDGE devices.

MCA possesses the expertise to assist you in installing these new and more sophisticated RTU units so that you can ensure that your business-critical operations will continue to run smoothly. 

RTUs, as we’re sure you’re aware, play an integral and necessary role as microprocessing units in connecting your IoT sensors and automation controls to your main SCADA system. With their modular design and array of customizable features, the Motorola ACE36000 offers significantly more processing power and agility than the ACE1000 RTU.

Service Date Termination on ACE1000 RTU

For all preferred vendors of Motorola products, such as MCA, our service support of ACE1000 remote terminal units will end in September 2023.

After this date, we will no longer be able to troubleshoot issues or provide maintenance support for these RTUs.

Learn more about MCA’s SCADA system solutions, and what we can do to enhance your business’s IoT and M2M communications.

For more information about this change, click on the End of Sales Notification to learn all about the discontinuation of the ACE1000 RTU and its related parts.

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