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6 Security Solutions for Retailers That Protect Customers and Employees

From Instant Voice Communication to Enterprise-Grade Routers, This Wireless Technology Keeps Your Business Running

According to the Wall Street Journal, a recent survey revealed that 44% of adults in the U.S. say they’re afraid to be in public because of rising violence. Retail outlets are seeing their share of violent acts. The number of aggravated assaults that took place in restaurants increased by 60% from 2018 to 2020.  The number in grocery stores increased by 73% during the same period. 

Because of the rise in violence, retailers are adjusting their hours of operation, spending more on security measures, and closing stores– even ones that are profitable. 

How can retailers combat crime while continuing to run their businesses? At least part of the answer lies in knowing the right technology to use. In the Motorola Solutions 2021 Retail Survey Report, employees in restaurants, supermarkets, and other retail stores said their knowledge of security technology is limited.  

Here are six security solutions that can help retailers keep their customers and employees safe. 

1. Instant Voice Communication 

When there’s an angry customer or other crisis in a retail outlet, devices that provide instant communication allow retail workers to get the help they need quicker. It’s no wonder that nearly half (46%) of retail workers in the Motorola survey say that two-way radios are their primary communication device at work.

More than seven out of 10 retailers say they use more than one device on the job. If you’re looking for a security solution for retail, security solutions that connect all of an employee’s devices could help you increase employee and customer safety.

2. Video Surveillance 

A video surveillance system can deter bad behavior or violence from happening in the first place. The system of cameras, monitors and display units, and recorders can provide evidence if a crime is committed at your retail outlet. You can have the surveillance system customized to meet your needs. You can hide the cameras or have them visible, and you can also choose how to review footage. 

If you’re looking for smarter video surveillance in your retail outlet, video analytics can help you focus on particular video footage. You’ll also be able to integrate security solutions like facial recognition software to locate persons of interest in your retail outlet more accurately. 

3. Mass Notification Systems 

Digital signage inside your restaurant or retail outlet can let your customers know about promotions and events. But it could serve a better purpose too: Keeping your customers and employees safe. 

Mass notification systems broadcast critical messages that inform your customers and employees of information they need to know during an emergency. Several types of mass notification systems that can help keep retailers safe include:

  • Audible sirens that can get your employees’ attention during an emergency 
  • Digital signage that flashes critical emergency notifications and instructions 
  • Real-time alerts that can be sent to your employees’ and customers’ smartphones 

Mass notification systems can be integrated with your video surveillance system to provide real-time alerts. According to the Motorola survey, retailers who are using mass notification systems are detecting threats earlier, minimizing incident response time, preventing incidents, and maximizing the value of other security investments.

4. Access Control

While only 33% of the respondents to Motorola’s retail report say they use access control, this security solution could be an effective part of your retail security strategy. Access control solutions control who enters certain parts of your restaurant, grocery store, or other retail outlet. 

Access-controlled doors can restrict shoppers and customers from entering your stockroom, kitchen, and other employee-only areas. Your employees can enter the areas by using an access card or their smartphone, use facial recognition, or provide their fingerprints. 

Controlling access to locked doors or other barriers helps protect against intruders and angry customers. Access control solutions also provide easier access for employees and keep track of who enters and exits your retail outlet.  

5. Body-worn Cameras

You can help protect your employees from angry customers and criminals by fitting your front-line employees with body-worn cameras. While this security solution is most commonly associated with law enforcement, retail workers can reap the same benefits from wearing video surveillance. 

Integrate a body-worn camera with a video management system to improve the security in your retail outlet. You’ll have easier access to video, and the response time during a time of crisis will be much quicker. Protecting your employees is the main benefit of using body-worn cameras, but there’s an added value too: You can use wearable cameras to improve training for your staff. 

6. Hardware That Keeps You Connected

All of these security solutions depend on wired and wireless connectivity to function optimally. They’ll need hardware that offers greater bandwidth than standard ISP routers can provide. 

Retail outlets need enterprise-grade hardware capable of redundant communications to make sure your critical security systems never go offline. Our cellular routers, adapters, external antennas, and network providers deliver a reliable and unbroken connection that you can rely on for primary or secondary (back-up) connectivity.

Improve Security at Your Retail Outlet

Nearly three out of four food retailers surveyed say they have plans in place to prevent violence. Don’t let lack of knowledge about security solutions keep you from improving the security at your retail outlet. Let MCA help you install a security solution to keep your employees and customers safe.

About MCA

MCA has collaborated with retailers and other corporations to provide security solutions. We can design and install a new security system, or we can integrate a solution to work with your existing system. 

When you work with MCA, you gain a trusted partner in all your security solution needs.

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