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8 Essential Features to Look for in a Public Safety Dispatch Console

8 Essential Features to Look for in a Public Safety Dispatch Console

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your community and jurisdiction, every second counts… and to make those seconds as efficient as possible, the public safety dispatch console that your dispatchers are working from needs to provide them with everything they need at a moment’s notice, as well as everything they’ll need to relay to their team in the field.

Features To Consider When Researching Public Safety Dispatch Solutions

In order to evaluate your public safety dispatch options thoroughly, we’ve created a list of features to look for in each solution.

1. What Types of Communication Does It Support?

To ensure that your dispatchers and team can effectively communicate and relay all pertinent information, it’s important that your dispatch console supports multiple methods of communications, such as voice, video, and data. An effective system must support all methods of modern information transfer.

2. Does It Integrate With Your Field Equipment?

When you’re implementing a new solution you want to avoid as much downtime and as many hiccups as possible. A public safety dispatch console should seamlessly integrate with your existing internal and field equipment. Interoperability is a critical selling point when agencies are looking for a new console.

3. Is It Easily Scalable?

Similar to wanting to avoid delays in deployment, you also want to avoid disruptions when it comes time to scale your system. Whether you’re looking to add more storage, add more users, or add more equipment, your system should be easy to scale up – or down – so that you can have optimal performance with zero hassle.

4. Does It Provide 360° Incident Tracking?

In today’s digital age, records and information are likely coming into your agency from all angles. Is the system you’re evaluating able to compile all of the information concisely into a single platform so that you can have a complete record of all incoming 9-1-1 calls, field radio messages, video transmissions, incident reports, and more?

5. Does It Have Machine Learning and AI?

As information is coming in, dispatchers are tasked with ensuring it’s all tagged and cataloged correctly. Public Safety Dispatch Consoles with machine learning and artificial intelligence will handle a lot of that backend work for your team so that they can focus on other tasks.

6. Does It Provide Single-Pane, Birds-Eye-View Situational Awareness?

Being able to handle the influx of information is one thing, but are your dispatchers able to actually see what’s going on in the field, or get alerts for emergency situations that aren’t called in? Systems with advanced Situational Awareness features will provide dispatchers with a single platform where they can view video feels – including from dashboard and body-worn cameras – and get alerts for things like shots fired, vest pierced, and vehicle impact.

7. Does It Provide Easy-To-Use Reporting and Analytics?

When dispatchers are faced with an influx of information coming in from both the public and first responders, it’s important that they’re able to make sense of it all and relay it properly. If your solution has reporting and analytics features, your dispatchers will be able to instantly gain insights that they can provide to the team on the ground to help inform the tactical response.

8. Does It Meet Public Safety Compliance Regulations?

One of the most important aspects of evaluating public safety dispatch solutions is to ensure that they meet the compliance requirements of your local municipalities as well as federal regulations.

Motorola CommandCentral Suite with Aware

The Motorola CommandCentral Suite meets all of the above considerations and more. Additionally, the CommandCentral Aware platform provides dispatchers with a first-in-class situational awareness console that allows dispatchers to view real-time video streams and receive instant alerts to various situations in the field. The other components of the CommandCentral Suite are: Community, Call Handling, CAD, Responder, Records, Evidence, Investigate, and Jail Management.

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support

For over 30 years, the MCA team has provided expertly tailored solutions to law enforcement and public safety agencies across the country that are in need of video surveillance, security systems, Private LTE networks, and more. We can integrate new systems with your existing systems and completely replace and upgrade your systems should they no longer meet your needs or federal safety guidelines.

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