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Public Safety Solutions

When every second counts, you need a technology, communication, and security solutions expert on whom you can rely.

For decades, Mobile Communications America (MCA) has assisted our partners in public safety, providing mission-critical technologies and devices in the form of private networks, video surveillance and access control systems, rugged mobile computers and laptops, emergency communication infrastructure, and much more. Enabling our first responders, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other public safety officers to perform the vital tasks that keep us safe is our top priority. MCA provides turnkey solutions for those who risk their lives everyday to ensure our wellbeing; we deliver the products and install the systems to make certain that our most essential workers never have to worry about insufficient network coverage and capacity, poor technology, or communication breakdowns on the job.

Rugged Portable Computers

MCA is a principal channel partner of Panasonic, offering their complete line of rugged portable computers for public safety officers in the field.

The Toughbook 33

The 12” Panasonic Toughbook 33 (CF 33) is the epitome of rugged flexibility for those working under demanding circumstances and conditions. It’s detachable screen with infrared cameras and mobile broadband connectivity make it the perfect companion for mobile law enforcement units and first responder teams. Additionally, its laptop gloves responsive screen is the preferred choice of firefighters nationwide.

MCA Panasonic Toughbook N1 Products

The Toughbook N1

Like all of their rugged laptops, the Toughbook N1 serves multiple public safety officers in distinctly different capacities.

For law enforcement officers, the N1’s eCitation software solution gives officers in the field real-time access in responding to critical incidents. Police officers utilizing eCitation save time in processing citations for parking violations and on traffic stops. For police and other first responders in wildfire management, search and rescue and security teams, the Toughbook N1 Tactical is designed to assist tactical response teams in the application of situational awareness software such as the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK).

MCA carries Panasonic’s full line of rugged mobile computers for public safety agencies. Built to withstand the elements, Toughbooks, laptops, handhelds, and tablets, such as CF 33 and N1, help police, firefighters, first responders, search and rescue teams, and others, stay connected under the harshest of conditions

Mobile Connectivity Solutions

Keep your public safety officers connected with in-vehicle wireless routers and communication kits from USAT.

Mobile Command Centers

MCA and USAT install purpose-built cellular routers and antenna kits in public safety command vehicles, providing secure and reliable mobile data communications infrastructure whenever your team travels.

AirLink MG90 for Mobile Command

AirLink XR90 for Firefighting and Law Enforcement

AirLink XR90’s dual 5G radio configuration enables real-time video, voice, and data communications between first response vehicles (fire trucks and police cars) and central dispatch.

AirLink XR90 for Firefighting

AirLink XR90 for Law Enforcement


The TRaCK Box is a self-contained, rugged communications kit that provides 48-hours of continuous internet connectivity at the flip of a switch.

TRaCK Box Data Sheet

Private LTE Networks and Radios

Mototrbo Nitro Solution

Private LTE with Motorola Nitro

Nitro™ PLTE is a new wireless broadband platform developed for mission-critical operations in which private voice, data, and video is necessary.

The platform provides expanded coverage and capacity, greatly exceeding that of current Wifi by accessing new wireless frequencies inside the CBRS spectrum.

APX Next from Motorola

APX Next is the NextGen choice in smart radio communication for public safety agencies.

Equipped with a touchscreen that is responsive to gloves, the APX Next is water, dust, and dirt resistant, providing unmatched visibility under all lighting conditions.

Video Surveillance and Access Control

For public safety agencies, the protection of their officers, as well as the critical assets necessary to the execution of their vital tasks, is of paramount importance. MCA provides security solutions for public safety agencies nationwide.

Video Surveillance

MCA’s video surveillance management systems offer public safety agencies that all important “eye-in-the-sky” for the protection of critical assets at their facilities, as well as the security of their officers.

Access Control

Keep your officers and assets safe with an access control system from MCA. We carry many systems from simple card access control to advanced, real-time biometric analysis.

When disaster strikes, emergency first responders—firefighters, EMS, rescue teams—need to be able to communicate clearly inside and outside a building. Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA), sometimes called public safety signal boosters, enhance the transmission of radio signals.

Not only is installing a BDA a good idea to ensure seamless radio communication for public safety officers entering into a building during a crisis, but new construction buildings likely require a BDA/DAS system to be compliant with current fire codes.

Public Safety Services

FCC Licensing

Professional Services

MCA provides engineering services, and employs project and system managers to offer full-service support in the installation and lifecycle maintenance of our technology and communication solutions.

Installation Services

Installation Services

From private LTE network development, staging and testing, to outfitting your vehicle fleets with communication infrastructure, MCA has a devoted certified technical staff to meet your needs.

24 hour to support

Solution Support

MCA delivers full-service maintenance, repair, and managed solutions services. Our dedicated support staff can manage your custom solution, allowing you to focus more time on saving lives.

Equipment Rentals

Rental Services

MCA’s products are now available through our short-term and long-term rental program. We offer a hassle-free personalized rental program to meet your changing communications and technology requirements.

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