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Improve In-Building Wireless Coverage with DAS

What are Distributed Antenna Systems?

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network of antennas across your building or facilities that transmit signals along cable or fiber to your BDAs, which then amplify in-building wireless radio and LTE/5G (Cellular-DAS) signals. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) connect to Bi-Directional Amplifiers, HEU Control Units, various wall and ceiling mounted antennas and other vital system components.

Complete DAS solutions available from Tier-1 Integrators like MCA, can be configured to distribute radio and cellular signals evenly throughout your facilities, enhancing your ability to send and receive radio or cellular transmissions from dead zones and other areas where wireless signals typically struggle to travel.

DAS Solutions from MCA

As experts in the engineering, design, installation, testing, optimization, and maintenance of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), MCA is committed to a level of unmatched personalized service and support. We offer turnkey solutions for Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (Public Safety DAS for ERRCS), Radio DAS solutions that enhance in-building UHF and VHF signal coverage, and Cellular DAS solutions to improve in-building LTE and 5G coverage. 

The materials used in the construction of your facilities can block cellular and radio signals. Our solutions help ensure your buildings remain compliant with local fire codes, cellular signals never drop due to poor in-building signal coverage, and that your work teams have the radio coverage they need to effectively perform their jobs. Nearly every industry needs the in-building wireless coverage solutions MCA has to offer.

Our Three Core DAS Solution Offerings

Cellular Coverage Enhancement

With the explosive increase in wireless communication devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops operating on carrier frequencies, in-building signal coverage can frequently become compromised. When your customers or tenants lose coverage, their dissatisfaction hurts your bottom line.

Along with the growing volume of devices fighting for bandwidth, new construction materials are equally to blame for the loss of coverage in buildings. The steel, concrete, and Low-E Glass impedes signal strength, requiring building and facility owners to enhance their cellular and radio coverage by installing a multi-carrier distributed antenna system (Cellular-DAS).

Woman walking in through airport on cell phone
Security on two way radio

Radio Coverage Enhancement

Installing a complete distributed antenna system throughout your building or facility serves a greater benefit than enabling first responders to communicate during an emergency. From an operational standpoint, reliable two-way radio coverage improves the productivity and safety of work teams engaged in building maintenance, engineering, operations, and security.

When teams experience a loss of radio coverage or connectivity operating in hard to reach coverage areas, their safety is jeopardized, and their ability to do their jobs efficiently and effectively is challenged.

Public Safety ERRC

Public Safety DAS systems are essential to boosting comprehensive two-way radio coverage (RF) to satisfy local mandates established by the FCC with oversight provided by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and International Fire Code (IFC). Your building needs to be compliant in providing first responders two-way emergency responder radio coverage (ERRC) for communications in emergency situations such as fire, security threats, and natural and manmade disasters.

For first responders to address a potentially life-threatening emergency in your building, two-way radio coverage needs to extend facility-wide to offices, basements, stairwells, electrical closets, elevator shafts, and parking garages.

Firefighter using radio

Industries Our DAS Solutions Serve

Construction worker on radio


When constructing new buildings, you must ensure they are more than just architecturally sound. Every facility must also have a well-functioning radio and cellular coverage boosting system in place to help protect inhabitants, comply with local fire codes (Public Safety ERRC), and ensure guests have the best experiences possible.

Student talking on cell phone


Reliable and efficient radio and cellular coverage across educational campuses and buildings is a must have for school safety personnel, staff, and students. At MCA, we provide schools and universities wireless coverage enhancement solutions that boost in-building connectivity for first responders and cellular communications.

Safe utility worker


Industrial-Grade DAS solutions boost in-facility communication and evenly distributes cellular and radio signals throughout your buildings. With DAS systems from MCA, external signals from your teams in the field can easily penetrate the exteriors of buildings that house management and other core operating functions.

Hotel guest on cell phone


MCA’s cellular enhancement (iDAS) solutions give your guests a consistently strong and seamless cellular wireless experience everywhere on your property, while providing your employees the radio coverage they need to do their jobs. With our DAS solutions, you never need to worry about dropped signals or poor customer satisfaction.

Nurse using tablet


Within today’s healthcare complexes, radio and cellular networks often become congested. MCA has extensive experience installing DAS solutions within hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Our communications systems provide everything you need to ensure clear communications between your janitorial, security, and public safety teams.

Green stadium seats

Arenas and Stadiums

MCA has installed LTE and 5G enhancement solutions (Cellular-DAS) at arenas—including a well-known NBA arena—stadiums, and entertainment venues across the country. We give your event-goers the ultimate Smart Stadium experience with expanded cellular and radio coverage throughout your public entertainment venue.

Featured Partners and Certifications

Network Carriers

MCA maintains strong partnerships with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile engineers. The Cellular-DAS systems we engineer and install (also called Multi-Carrier or Neutral-Host DAS) are guaranteed to work with major network carriers. Whatever your carrier, we have the wireless solutions that will work for your organization.

Licenses and Certifications

MCA is both a Licensed General Contractor and Electrical Contractor and our engineers are all iBwave Certified.  We help contractors to meet NFPA-72 and IFC-510 Fire Code requirements for public safety. We also have extensive knowledge of the Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) requirements, and can implement Nitro PLTE mission-critical voice, data, and video across a private wireless network.

Featured Manufacturers

We partner with world-renowned designers and manufacturers of highly innovative telecommunication products like Fiplex who are focused on providing solutions for Public Safety and Mission-Critical applications with ISO9001 certifications and decades of engineering experience.

Our Six Step Process

MCA Consulting Services

Step 1

MCA will work with you to fully assess, determine scope, and gather the necessary requirements to provide a complete solution. Our consultants have worked with a large number of clients both large and small to design solutions that fit your budget.

System design example

Step 2
Site Survey + Design

RF Coverage is then tested, and if determined that a solution is required, MCA will formulate a plan and an iBwave design. Our design engineers are iBwave-certified and have years of inbuilding design experience. Learn more >>

System Installation

Step 3
System Installation

With 20 years as a tier 1 DAS Integrator, MCA’s project managers and technicians have a vast amount of expertise in installing any system, from a small, single-antenna BDA to a campus-wide DAS fiber solution.

Inspector looking at tablet

Step 4
System Commissioning

MCA’s engineering group will optimize each component of the system to ensure peak performance using advanced RF test tools and bring the system fully on air. MCA installers are certified in all BDA and DAS OEMs.

In-Building Wireless Signal Coverage Testing

Step 5
Inspection + Approval

Once the system is on-air and tested, the system is ready for AHJ inspection and final signoff. MCA project managers will handle all upfront permitting and back-end approvals required to assure NFPA and IFC compliance.

MCA Communication System Managed Services

Step 6
Ongoing Support

Our maintenance contract includes ongoing system support and annual site visits, and our in-house Network Monitoring System (NOC) notifies MCA of any issues for quick maintenance response.

Request a Free Consultation

MCA provides service every step of the way—from testing and preliminary site design to the continued maintenance and monitoring of your system.

Partner with MCA as your Tier 1 turn-key provider of DAS solutions to ensure staff, visitors, and first responders can communicate clearly and efficiently from anywhere within your facilities.

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