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Worker Down Safety In The Manufacturing Industry

A Dangerous Industry Requires Immediate Response to Worker Injuries

Manufacturers are tasked with optimizing operations, ensuring uptime, and maintaining visibility throughout production. They are looking to accelerate improvements by connecting machines, people, data, and value chains throughout their facility, all while keeping employees, products, and equipment safe and secure. 

However, the manufacturing industry is one of the most dangerous workplaces, with constant noise, heavy machinery, and obstacles on production floors and within warehouses creating an environment ripe for accidents and injuries. In fact, nearly 1 million injuries were reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 2019 alone. Those injuries accounted for 15% of all non-fatal workplace injuries that year, quite a large amount when you consider the dangers of working in industries such as public safety, construction, or utility. 

With that in mind, it’s essential that manufacturers work to protect their workers and – in the event of an injury – respond as quickly as possible to get them the assistance they need before they receive further injury or worse.


When a worker in a remote area of the manufacturing facility falls, the Man Down-enabled emergency button on their MOTOTRBO Radio will notify the worker that it is about to send out an alert. The worker can cancel the alert if the situation is not emergent, such as the radio being dropped accidentally or a fall that causes no injury.

Suppose they do not cancel it within a certain amount of time. In that case, the radio will automatically send an alert over the Man Down Notifier Platform to alert security and operations personnel, and their Worker Down protocols will commence.  


When the alert is received, control room operators will use live video feeds from the Avigilon cameras with Identity Search and CommandCentral Aware Enterprise to locate the worker and remotely evaluate and monitor the situation. 


Meanwhile, the plant’s emergency response team will be notified of the incident and dispatched to the worker’s location via Avtec Dispatch and WAVE PTX equipped radios. The integrated real-time data will help them locate the worker quickly to begin rendering aid. 


As help arrives, whether on-site assistance or first responders, the incident is logged with pre-populated fields completed with the help of the automated systems. Date and time stamps, dispatch notes, and even video footage will be included via Critical Connect Interoperability and Ally Incident Management Applications to ensure a thorough record of the incident and the response procedures. 

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