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US Navy Communications Solutions

Military-Grade DAS Solutions for Navy Vessels

Radio Coverage Enhancements for Military Vessels 

The US Navy, a major branch of the US Armed Forces is charged with the defense of the country at sea, the seaborne support of the other U.S. military services, and the maintenance of security on the seas wherever the interests of the United States extend. To execute their critical roles and responsibilities with precision, sailors and their captains cannot afford any breakdowns in their shipboard communications. Orders must be given in the most clear and concise way possible and followed by sailors, without delay, across every deck and compartment. 

Business Overview | Reliable Shipboard Communications Technologies

Communication is an essential skill for every navy officer. Their jobs are accomplished through clear and concise communication as they motivate sailors to physically accomplish the diverse tasks their missions require. While effective interpersonal communications skills may be innate or acquired, the technologies required to effectively issue commands are a different story. No matter how effective a leader, how motivating the speech, none of their communications skills matter if the technologies utilized to relay that information aren’t reliable and secure. 

DAS for Military Vessels

Current Challenge | Insufficient Shipboard Radio Coverage

Ship captains and the sailors they command need to stay in constant contact with one another to ensure the success of mission-critical operations. Nearly all Navy vessels are heavily armed and armored to prepare them for various engagements. The materials used to shield ships and their crews tend to interfere with radio communications between decks and compartments.

This can lead to spotty or non-existent radio coverage in various places throughout the ship — putting the ship and all sailors aboard at an unacceptable level of risk. When orders are relayed, crackles, static, and garbled transmissions can result in miscommunication, mission failure, and loss of life. Because of this, Navy vessels require specialized military-grade DAS solutions to eliminate dead spots and enhance clarity ship-wide. 

Solution Overview | Coverage Enhancing DAS Solutions for Navy Vessels 

Vessels in the Navy can exceed 1000 feet in length with decks spanning hundreds of thousands of cubic feet — temporarily housing hundreds to thousands of sailors and command teams. Coordinating the mission-critical activities of thousands of sailors working to ensure the life and liberty of our nations citizens is no small task. Every crew member and deck hand is equipped with a two-way radio to ensure constant contact with command staff in and around each of the ships labyrinthine decks and compartments. 

When properly configured, installed, and tested, our Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) enhance a vessels radio coverage from bow to stern, port to starboard. These components are vital parts of your ships overall communications infrastructure, ensuring that radios broadcast clear and concise commands during standard operations and emergency engagements. Whether your sailors are on same deck or are several decks and a thousand feet apart, radio signal strength should be consistent and strong.

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support 

For over 30 years, MCA has provided expert solutions to public and private agencies in need of two-way radios and signal enhancement systems. We provide top-tier support for all aspects of your critical communications projects. Our techs and install teams assess your needs, engineer customized solutions, and install hardware and software that fit your requirements.

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