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Avigilon’s Visible Firearm Detection Reduces Security Threats

Increases In Gun Violence Require Increased Vigilance

With just a few months left in the year, the United States had already – alarmingly – experienced a 9% increase in mass shooting events over the same time frame last year. Mass shootings, considered events with four or more victims, are on the rise – with nearly 650 taking place in 2022 alone.

Now, more than ever, it’s clear that schools, healthcare facilities, office buildings, and entertainment venues need to be as vigilant as possible to protect their staff, guests, and the people they care for. That’s where weapons detection systems come into play.

Powerful AI Firearm Detection Minimizes False Alarms While Identifying Real Threats

To reduce security threats and ensure the safety of building occupants, event attendees, and passersby, Avigilon’s Visible Firearm Detection (VFD) analytics system leverages the power of cloud-enhanced AI analytics to swiftly identify individuals with drawn firearms.

As soon as VFD identifies a person with a drawn firearm within its monitoring range, it triggers an immediate alert to operators responsible for verifying the threat and taking prompt action. This human-in-the-loop verification process ensures that real threats are confirmed while minimizing false alarms, thus maintaining high efficiency in the security response.

What sets Avigilon’s VFD analytics apart is its seamless integration into the broader security ecosystem. By aligning with Motorola Solutions’ comprehensive suite of security tools, including the Avigilon Decision Management System, Rave Collaborate, and Orchestrate, VFD forms a cohesive and interconnected security framework. This integration empowers organizations to streamline their security response, automate critical notifications, and orchestrate rapid lockdown procedures, all within seconds of a potential threat being detected.

Avigilon Visible Firearm Detection Features

Instant Video Analytics Alert

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to identify individuals carrying handheld firearms using on-site cameras automatically. Swiftly dispatch alerts to operators for prompt verification and necessary action.

Leveraging Cloud Technology

VFD capitalizes on the capabilities of Unity Cloud Services, employing robust analytic models. This cloud-enabled system excels in filtering out the majority of false events and undergoes regular updates with new models to ensure ongoing performance enhancements.

Near-Instant Notifications

Operators receive notifications of handheld firearms detected on-site within an impressive average of just 5 seconds from the moment an active shooter is identified on camera.

Human In The Loop

Our system is intentionally designed to involve human expertise, ensuring a robust security response. Operators or a central monitoring team play a crucial role in verifying confirmed threats, enabling them to promptly dispatch positive alerts to on-site personnel for appropriate and timely actions.

Precision Firearm Identification

Our system excels at detecting handheld firearms, encompassing both handguns and long guns. Importantly, VFD has the intelligence to discern whether a firearm is in proximity to a person, ensuring alerts are triggered only when a firearm is actively brandished and not when it is unattended, holstered, or carried in a sling on a person’s back. This precision minimizes unnecessary alerts and maintains the system’s effectiveness.

Seamless Integration with Motorola Solutions Ecosystem

VFD seamlessly integrates into the Motorola Solutions ecosystem, offering a comprehensive suite of security solutions that enables the use of VFD within the Avigilon Decision Management System (DMS). Additionally, notifications can be automated through the Rave platform, while access control is managed effortlessly using the Avigilon Unity Access/Alta Control Center. This holistic approach empowers organizations to bolster security measures and safeguard their premises effectively, particularly during emergencies.

Download the Avigilon VFD Fact Sheet >>

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