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Motorola Solutions MCC 7500E Dispatch Console Provides Reliable Communications

An Easy To Deploy Mobile or Permanent Solution

The Motorola Solutions MCC 7500E IP Dispatch Console facilitates the flow of critical information for those who need it most in nearly any environment. The ultra-small form factor is ideal for dispatch centers where space is limited, while deployment is simple, and dual Ethernet connections minimize the risk of a lost connection.

Whether you’re inside or outside of your radio network, the MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console provides a full-console interface experience and has the ability to operate as either a permanent, back-up, or mobile solution. In addition to being deployed as a permanent solution, the system can be utilized in an immediate emergency response scenario, providing telecommunicators with a wealth of information to achieve high-impact results immediately by connecting to responders in the field via voice, group text message, and tone communication on trunked and conventional systems.

Seamless Integration To Meet Your Needs

Not only does the MCC 7500E console integrate seamlessly with other Motorola Solutions applications and products, but third-party dispatch applications can also be integrated via the console API to create a dispatch environment that meets the exact needs of your first responders and agency.

Motorola Solutions Certified Logging Recorders

Dedicated recording provided by Motorola Solutions certified NICE and Verint Logging recorders seamlessly improves productivity and offers critical post-incident insights. The NICE and Verint Logging Recorders are the only recording solutions that meet the extensive performance requirements set forth by Motorola Solutions for implementation on the ASTRO 25 IP network.

PremierOne™ Computer Aided Dispatch

Reduce input error, minimize keystrokes, and streamline workflows by integrating the MCC 7500E console with PremierOne CAD. This integration will allow telecommunicators to utilize a single interface to receive 9-1-1 calls, manage incident responses, and communicate information to responders in the field.

Advanced Messaging Solution

When voice communication isn’t an option, dispatchers and responders in the field can rely on the Advanced Messaging Solution that builds upon the Talkgroup Text Messaging capabilities of the MCC 7500E IP Dispatch console. Advanced Messaging Solution provides telecommunicators with a means of sending critical information directly to first responders on portable radios or broadband devices.

APX Personnel Accountability

A single screen view showing the status of all on-scene personnel allows telecommunicators to execute evacuation orders rapidly, immediately alert teams to changing situations, and receive the critical feedback that everyone impacted has received and acknowledged the alerts.

Ease of Use Promotes Efficiency and Productivity

Based on over a decade of user feedback, the graphical user interface (GUI) of the MCC7500E console provides telecommunicators with an easy-to-use interface that has a short learning curve and enables your dispatchers to feel right at home, minimizing downtime and increasing operational efficiency. Additionally, the customizable GUI allows telecommunicators to be more efficient and productive by using purpose-designed workflows and critical resource information displays. Telecommunicators can also seamlessly and quickly switch between the MCC7500E, MCC7500, and MCC7100 IP Dispatch Consoles with the same level of familiarity and no additional training needed. 

Telecommunicators can access the audio and associated call information across all calls on the console with the Enhanced Integrated Instant Recall Recorder, which requires no additional equipment or installations. The Enhanced Integrated Instant Recall Recorder is easily customizable to meet the needs of each individual dispatcher, while the optional Audio Interface Module (AIM) allows telecommunicators to use purpose-built accessories if desired.

Reliable Connections and Communications

In order for first responders to do their jobs well, they must rely heavily on telecommunicators and feel absolutely confident that their dispatch team has the correct information so that they can appropriately coordinate their response. A lack of confidence or reliable communication with their dispatchers could result in precious seconds or minutes lost trying to clarify or track down information. The ASTRO 25 system ensures reliability and security so that telecommunicators and first responders remain connected with best-in-class audio quality. Redundant Ethernet connections provide continued access to dispatch consoles even during network failures.

Continuous link and resource polling give telecommunicators the confidence that they will remain connected, while smart voice prioritization and intelligent audio routing ensure that the right information always gets through.

A Scalable, Affordable Solution

Many public safety agencies are running up against tight budgets right now, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have best-in-class equipment for their telecommunicators. The MCC 7500E console is a cost-effective, completely software-based solution. There’s no need for specialized hardware knowledge or additional space requirements for deployment. Updates to functionality and capacity are packaged within software updates and are upgradable from a single point of contact, reducing the time, expense, and inconvenience of growing and managing the system. The systems can also scale with radio resources up to 160 radio resource licenses as your agency grows.

Solution Components

MCC 7500E Console Positions

MCC 7500E consoles function as an integrated component of the total radio system without additional centralized electronics, with the console connecting directly to the radio system’s IP transport network. Vocoding and encryption are performed within each software-based operator position. 

The MCC 7500E console position can consist of a desktop workstation with just a headset or operate with a small form factor computer and monitor with a keyboard, mouse/trackball/ touchscreen, up to 8 assignable speakers, and a range of audio accessories.

Wide Range of Accessories

There are a variety of mission-critical audio accessories available from Motorola Solutions that have been specifically designed for use with the MCC 7500E console. Additionally, third-party commercially available accessories can also be used.

Application Compatibility

For telecommunicators who must accomplish both dispatching and other tasks from a single computer, the following applications are supported:

  • K Core Configuration Manager
  • ASTRO 25 Advanced Messaging Solution
  • MKM 7000 Console Alias Manager Server
  • MKM 7000 Console Alias Manager Client
  • PRX 7000 Console Proxy Server
  • Voting Control and Display Client
  • Personnel Accountability Client
  • PremierOne Text Messaging Client

Radio Resource Capacity Licenses

  • Radio Resource Capacity Licenses are available for 15, 30, 45, 60,
  • 100, or 160 radio resources.
  • Capacity licenses are issued for the life of the product and continue in force when the system is upgraded.

Remote Operation

When operating outside of the ASTRO 25 Network full dispatch capability is still provided. The console supports firewall controlled access for up to 160 channels into the secure ASTRO 25 network from the Customer Enterprise Network (CEN). VPNs can also provide remote access with additional security.

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