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Manufacturing Communications Enhancements

Industrial-Grade DAS Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

Wireless Coverage Enhancements for Production Facilities

Line workers and supervisory teams within manufacturing and production environments must be able to quickly and clearly communicate during both routine and emergency situations. Two-way radio devices are commonly used for person-to-person communications within these settings, and ensuring high signal coverage ensures business-critical transmissions do not go unheard, and that both safety and productivity levels remain high.


Business Overview | Improving Manufacturing Facility Safety and Efficiency

Regardless of the size of your facilities, your buildings and the workers within it, need to utilize the latest purpose-built technologies that ensure the highest standards for safety. To that end, manufacturing teams look to utilize rugged two-way radios for instant communications as well as devices and software capable of providing group targeted and wide-spread notifications and alerts. As most of those systems depend on background communications infrastructure, to maximize the effectiveness of all handheld, fixed, and cloud based systems, in-building wireless coverage levels should be tested, and improved if found inadequate. Spotty or non-existent wireless signals can cause even the greatest equipment to fail to function. 

DAS and MNS for Manufacturing

Current Challenge | Combating Weak Signals and Network Congestion

There are a variety of reasons your in-building wireless signals may be weak. In most cases, poor signals are indicative of low coverage; where signals are unable to reach specific areas, leading to garbled radio transmissions, dropped calls, or internet connectivity failures. In other cases, signals can be weak due to issues with signal capacity where signals may reach certain areas, but the number of users is great enough to cause network congestion. With some production facilities housing thousands of personnel in a single building it’s easy to imagine how networks supporting a large staff, coupled with wired and wireless sensors, sirens, and other connected devices could cause network overloads. With an in-building signal boosting solution, everyone and every system can access the connectivity they need for optimal functioning.

Solution Overview | DAS Solutions, MotoTRBO Radios, Whelen Sirens, Motorola RTU’s, and OptiwarnTM  

Manufacturing and production environments are filled with threats to life and limb. Merely having two-way radios and mass alerting systems in place isn’t enough. High heat environments utilizing dangerous chemicals and high-powered electrical equipment require intrinsically safe radios, alerting devices, and notification platforms that are as rugged and safe as they are interoperable. But most importantly, facility managers and IT teams must be able to guarantee excellent radio, cellular, and Wi-Fi coverage throughout their facilities to ensure all such interoperable devices and software never fail to deliver clear and concise communications during crises and everyday operations. 

Our industrial-grade indoor DAS (distributed antenna systems) ensure coverage levels meet your needs for these systems and more. The team at MCA can provide you with Whelen Siren, Speaker, and Lighting Systems for tone, voice, and visual alerts, device management platforms like Optiwarn, MotoTRBO Radios capable of activating mass notifications as well as receiving them, Motorola RTU’s for SCADA system communications, and much more. 

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support

For over 30 years, the systems the MCA team deploys within and throughout client facilities help maximize in-building wireless coverage, improve their ability to alert, inform, and direct staff to perform life-saving actions, clearly and concisely communicate routine business needs, and streamline production automation processes. The experts employed within MCA’s data solutions team are uniquely and expertly equipped to provide end-to-end solutions engineered to improve the safety, security, and efficiency of manufacturing and production environments. We are the trusted advisor for a safe, secure, and efficient workplace.

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