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How Can You Protect Your Facilities and Assets When Your Buildings are Empty?

How Can you Protect Your Facilities

Author: Michael Johnson, Security Program Manager, MCA

As stay at home orders extend, material shortages grow and social distancing restrictions hold, more facilities are shutting down due to the spread of Coronavirus and they are beginning to worry about protecting their buildings and assets while no one is there to watch them. Some businesses are able to maintain operations with limited workforce, while others are having to close completely.  In both scenarios there is far less supervision and security in place to protect worksites, materials, and equipment.

Business Owners are Facing Many Concerns

  • Social Distancing- are their employees complying to social distancing while they are not being closely supervised? Are people congregating outside of their businesses, in empty parking lots and open areas because they are closed?
  • Security- a security guard can only watch so much at a time; who is watching all the exits, all the equipment and goods when the workforce is gone? Even when the workforce is reduced, the same diligence and standard security measures are hard to keep in place. Less workers mean that everyone is spread thin and following security measures may be on the bottom of the list of priorities.
  • Theft and Vandalism- during times of crisis it is common to see an increase in theft and vandalism, ranging from broken windows to break-ins and even employees taking products, tools, and goods.

Possible Solutions to Meet the Concerns

  • Social Distancing- Employees can be more diligent in practicing social distancing by using two-way radios to communicate instead of coming in close contact to relay information. Business owners can keep an eye on their premises by installing cameras and external speakers. The cameras can detect motion, heat or specifically people and can be monitored remotely to insure constant surveillance. Canned messages can be set up to deter trespassers or potential vandals or thieves.
  • Security- By installing cameras you can add more eyes without adding more people. Avigilon cameras have analytics that provide “unusual motion detection.” Once the camera is set up it learns what is normal within a week or two. It will detect something abnormal such as a car entering a parking lot outside of a typical time, or a strange person or car circling the parking lot casing the place and it can automatically trigger canned messages to a PA system or speaker, alert cell phones and radios, or engage a dispatcher or dispatch service.
  • Theft and Vandalism- Business owners can keep an eye on their premises by installing cameras and external speakers. The cameras can be programmed to detect many things such as motion, heat, or people. Cameras can also be monitored remotely to insure constant surveillance. A variety of canned messages can be set up to respond as a deterrent to trespassers, potential vandals, or thieves. This feature can help prevent incidents before they even occur.

By leveraging video surveillance technologies MCA can provide solutions to help protect your worksite as well as enforce social distancing orders. We are honored to be an essential service provider so we may continue to provide wireless communication solutions for safe, secure and more efficient workplaces in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, construction, education, and other critical infrastructure. We’re here for you. Whether you need temporary or long-term solutions Mobile Communications America (MCA) can provide immediate deployment with a no hassle, turn-key solution that fits your unique needs. If you would like to find out the best solutions for your unique situation call an MCA Representative today 800-596-8205.

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