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8 Ways to Enhance the Safety of Your Business

8 Ways to Enhance the Safety of Your Business

Author: Nicky Jackson, Marketing Campaign Manager, MCA

Effective September 1st, 2021, Texans will be allowed to carry handguns, either openly or concealed, without a permit. When Governor Greg Abbott signed this bill into law, Texas became the 20th state with permit-less or constitutional carry.  

Permit-less gun carry laws such as the one recently passed in the Lone Star State introduces questions for businesses both large and small: how will permit-less carry laws impact the safety of my customers and employees? What measures can I take to ensure their safety? Do I need to invest in a weapons detection system? If so, how much should I pay and what companies make the best equipment?

Mobile Communications America (MCA) has been providing high-end security solutions for businesses in Texas and nationwide for decades. Our channel partners carry the most sophisticated and advanced concealed weapons detection technology on the market.

Working with MCA gives businesses the peace of mind that they are protecting their customers and employees. 

1) Evolv Technology Weapons Detection

Evolv Weapons Detection Systems are not your old-fashioned metal detectors. Rather, they rely on artificial intelligence to detect weapons on persons entering your venue, while still enabling traffic to flow freely.

MCA is a proud partner of Evolv, and we have installed and maintained hundreds of their screening devices for commercial enterprises that need to know if the persons on their premises are carrying weapons, but don’t want their customers or clients to go through the intrusive hassle of being screened.

2) HALO Smart Sensors

Yet another partner of MCA, Avigilon offers smart sensors that detect abnormally loud noises, such as gunshots, send instantaneous radio alerts when a threat is observed, and trigger real-time alarms to security personnel.

Smart sensors can be programmed to pick up keywords in areas where your cameras can’t go (i.e. bathrooms, hotel rooms, etc.), enabling your security team to root out threats before they strike.

3) Video Surveillance Systems

Most businesses today need more than a CCTV system that captures images, but rather a smart video surveillance system that integrates real-time video streams, data analytics, and alerts on a single platform.

MCA offers end-to-end video surveillance systems with technologies such as facial recognition and thermal cameras. Our “eye-in-sky” cameras keep your business safe by enabling you to monitor and track suspicious activity on your premises.

4) Access Control Systems

The modern business enterprise wants to control who has access to their premises. MCA offers a wide variety of access control systems, depending on the size of your business and how many sensitive areas you need to keep locked down.

From turnkey key card systems to access controls that rely on advanced biometric data and facial recognition software, MCA access control solutions enable you to protect your employees, your customers, and your business’s most vital assets.

Our systems come equipped with cloud-based software that digitally stores entry and exit data records.

5) Visitor Management Systems

Texas’ new gun laws will undoubtedly give many businesses the occasion to upgrade their visitor management systems. Automating clients access to your business’ premises not only enhances your overall security, but provides for a more pleasant visitor experience.

Long gone are the days of having security guards “check” the credentials of everyone who enters your business, or keeping paper records. Modern visitor management systems for business rely on quick-printing temporary ID badges and smart cards to maximize both the security and comfort of your guests.

6) Alarm Systems

MCA possesses a comprehensive portfolio of alarm systems for every business and every budget. Alarms can be easily integrated with the rest of your security system, complementing video surveillance to alert security personnel when they detect, for instance, handguns in a public or private venue.

We have received extensive training and are certified to install and maintain numerous Intrusion Detection Systems; we can also maintain, upgrade, or install any legacy alarm system.

MCA’s alarm systems dispatch alerts to security personnel on the ground, and are an integral part of any business’ security ecosystem. 

7) Perimeter Protection

Installing the right perimeter protection will give you the ability to control who has access to your property and business.

Perimeter protection includes a number of solutions depending on a business’ unique needs: gate controls, bollards, fence detection and intrusion technologies, exterior cameras, thermal imaging cameras, video analytics, and microwave detection, and more.

8) Center Command Consoles and Racks

Command consoles are the heart of your security system. Your security team’s data centers are the hub of your business’ mission critical operations, and need to be laid out to operate at maximum efficiency. 

Your security team needs to detect and analyze time-sensitive incidents in order to respond quickly and expertly.  MCA security team will work with you to develop an optimized command center and command center response plan.

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