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Perimeter Detection

Making sure you have a robust perimeter detection system in place is important, especially when you consider all of the potential risks to your business. Incidents ranging from active shooter events and workplace violence to protests and acts of terrorism can threaten the safety of your employees, your property, and your business itself. 

Gates, bollards, and turnstiles are the main types of perimeter detection solutions that can help keep external threats from accessing your property. MCA can help determine which ones are right for your business and can install the solutions you need. When you choose MCA, you choose a partner dedicated to protecting your business. 

Gate Control and Bollards

Gates and Bollards

MCA partners with a world leader in the automation of secure entrance control. We can design and manufacture pedestrian, vehicle, and passenger products to help keep your organization safe.

Pedestrian Products

Our pedestrian products include the automatic pedestrian entrance control solutions that provide efficient pedestrian traffic management. Each product delivers uncompromising security while making sure those who use them are safe. As an added bonus, our pedestrian products will help you save on operating costs.


Speedgate turnstiles

Speedgate turnstiles are designed to achieve maximum pedestrian throughput while offering a high level of security. Their modern yet discreet designs integrate seamlessly into any architectural style.

AccessLane Swing Gate

The AccessLane Swing Gate allows a select population of users to go through entrance control, including reduced-mobility users and service staff with trolleys or bulky items to be delivered. The swing gate is also optimal for evacuation of the building during an emergency.

Tripod Turnstiles

The tripod turnstiles are more suited to provide automatic access control for high-traffic sites. They’re easy-to-use and robust and offer a low-profile design.

Full-height Security Turnstiles

If your property includes fenced outdoor sites, our full-height security turnstiles are used primarily to secure the perimeter of these areas. These turnstiles promote single passage and are weather-resistant.

Security Doors

Revolving security doors and security portals are an elegant solution for entrances requiring a high level of security.

Options and Accessories

We realize that no perimeter detection might be just right out of the box. We’ll customize a solution for you to fit your access control needs.

Vehicle Products

Our vehicle access control equipment meet a number of needs: 

  • Access to bridges and tunnels
  • Closing and entry control of private or industrial sites
  • Parking areas
  • Toll roads

Rely on us to use our experience to find the right solutions with the latest technological developments to meet your needs.

Perimeter Access

Our automatic vehicle barriers can provide controlled access for your site. Let us work with you to determine the number of passages expected and the level of security required so that we can provide the necessary equipment for your installation.

Traffic Management

Securing access to bridges, tunnels, and other road arteries requires reliable and robust barriers. Our range of barriers adapts to the requirements of your environment in terms of dimensions, security, and vandalism resistance.

Sensitive Sites

Sites such as military, industrial facilities, and government buildings demand a high level of security. We provide security barriers for site protection while selectively authorizing the passage of certain vehicles.

Parking Spaces

Covered and open-air parking spaces, like the ones in payment parking facilities, require entry and exit control. Our reliable, enduring and permanent barriers are able to work with an external management system.


Turnstiles are an efficient perimeter detection solution that can be used to protect your assets and control the seamless flow of people. MCA partners with a manufacturer whose customized and advanced turnstiles are found at Fortune 500 companies, iconic sporting events, popular entertainment facilities, and major distribution warehouses.

These turnstiles provide the safety, guidance, and experience your employees and guests deserve. MCA will customize a solution to fit your perimeter detection needs.

Secured Entry Control

MCA partners with a leading turnstile manufacturer that has years of experience and thousands of installations worldwide.

We can offer the following turnstiles to fit your needs: 

  • Full-height turnstiles
  • Optical turnstiles
  • Waist-high turnstiles
  • Gates

We’ll install the solution that meets your needs and back it by our knowledgeable and responsive technical support personnel. When you partner with MCA for your perimeter detection needs, you’ll join a list of our customers that include governmental organizations and many of the world’s largest and best-known companies.

Sports and Entertainment

NASCAR, NBA teams, MLB teams, and 80% of the largest stadiums in Australia and New Zealand are a few of the organizations that rely on us to provide gate admission solutions. Our solutions streamline the entry process and provide patrons a world-class front-gate entry experience.

Asset Protection and Crowd Control

Use modular railing, turnstiles, or gate products to direct pedestrian and shopping cart traffic and reduce shrink in retail environments. These perimeter detection solutions protect fixtures and assets in your store, backroom, and material handling areas with our full selection of protection products.

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