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Photo ID Badging and Visitor Management Systems

Photo ID Badging allows organizations to verify the identity of employees, and grant them access to facilities and workspaces on a case-by-case, person-by-person basis. Visiting Management Systems do the same for temporary employees, guests, and contractor workers.

In our current environment, it makes sense to automate these processes to both enhance security, and to save time and money. The expense and inefficiency of having visitors sign in at a front desk, logging visitor records as part of your organization’s “check-in” process jeopardizes security. Additionally, having security personnel checking in on your guests is not only costly, but makes for a poorer visitor experience.

Visitor management software increases your organization’s security and provides an efficient way to manage the flow of individuals coming in and out of your workplaces. Smart card badge printing with company logos that are responsive and enable or deny access to secure areas where assets reside provides the optimal solution for security and long-term savings.

At MCA, we offer visitor management solutions in the form of quick-printing temporary badges, and access control with smart cards.

Photo ID Badging

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