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Utility Alerting And Notification Solutions

MNS for Utilities

Mass Notification Solutions for Public and Private Utilities

National, regional, and local power, gas, and water utilities keep our countrys’ economy alive on both the micro and macro-scale. The temporary or permanent loss of any single facility can result in a significant disruption to our nations critical infrastructure – effecting vital commerce, industry, and public health concerns. Because of this, it is vital utilities ensure uninterrupted services and have the ability to notifiy employees, customers, and government officials in the event of chemical releases or other serious incidents at their plants and facilities.

Business Overview | Ensuring the Safety of Utility Operations

Public and private utilities, whether involved in exploration, production, or distribution activities, are under constant scrutiny from government watchdogs, the media, and the general public alike. Any interruptions to the supply chain or delivery of critical services due to natural or unnatural events, can potentially cause major business problems and insight public panic. With accidents and cyber attacks making top headlines, ongoing and flawless operations are priority one. Should any incidents occur, utilities must be capable of responding fast — both to restore operations, and calm any fears.

Current Challenge | Dangerous Facilities and Disparate Systems

Unfortunately, the nature of utility facilities across every vertical is that they are jam packed with potential threats to employees and the public at large. Without expertly installed and configured mass notification and alerting systems, coordinating alerts and response activities at both temporary and permanent facilities can be extremely difficult.

MNS for Utilities

Every utility facility must be able to issue immediate alerts to targetted groups of people depending upon the events or incidents occurring and the series of pre-planned emergency response actions that each requires. Whether your alerts are related to security breaches, weather developments, equipment breakdowns, accidents involving staff, chemical spills, or contaminants, each requires a different set of notifications to varied sets of people to trigger effective mitigation efforts. Properly configured mass notification systems from MCA serve as a vital guide — prompting your teams immediate responses to specific events.

Many facilities have a systems already in place, like PA speakers, alerting beacons, emergency sirens (indoor and outdoor), two-way radios, digital message boards, and more — each triggered manually and independently. In those cases, your facilities may require a unified system capable of connecting to all your existing alerting and notification devices and keying their activation in order to streamline your emergency responses.

Solution Overview | Software, Sirens, and Expertly Managed Services

Facility managers and safety supervisors need an efficient and effective way to alert and warn their teams regarding current and impending events such as accidents, injuries, equipment failures, unsafe conditions, inclement weather, and more. Additionally, they need their systems to be capable of alerting government officials and neighboring communities of any events that occur with the potential for wide-reaching short or long-term impacts.

With the RapidWarn® application, available from MCA, you can activate over a dozen of types of warning devices via several methods — triggering internal and external notification systems to issue tones, sirens, text messages, and clear, intelligible voice instructions for your people to follow. Coupled with Whelens’ three-step approach, A.I.D.™ (ALERT, INFORM & DIRECT), we help eliminate confusion, restore order, and, most importantly, save lives.

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support

We offer utility clients an end-to-end suite of solutions purposely engineered to improve safety and security while enabling you to work with a single source. Our systems help alert, inform, and direct your teams to perform life-saving actions.

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