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Engineering and Design Services

MCA’s team of engineers and designers work hand-in-hand to create detailed site plans.  We refer to our drawings as a “paint-by-numbers approach” to installation because we enable our technicians to install equipment and have your system running without having to guess as to the location of any device.

Our team develops such comprehensive and precise blueprints and diagrams because we want to make the installation process as easy and painless as possible for both our customers and installation teams.  Our designers develop equipment sheets that offer customized views and specific details of all equipment. Integrating technology and design gives MCA an advantage as a business with a topnotch in-house engineering firm.

MCA’s approach to problem solving enables us to achieve incredible feats in the engineering field. We are consistently engaged in research and development in this arena to advance your project goals and propel your organization forward. Consistent and specialized training in the three distinct areas of engineering and design listed below keep us ahead of the curve. At MCA, you know you’ll always be working with a true expert in their field.

Cameras for Video Surveillance

Security System
Engineering and Design

Motorola Mototrbo Radios

Communications System Engineering and Design

Data System
Engineering and Design

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