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Emergency Signage Overrides

You’re watching a football game on network television, when the local news breaks in to alert you of potentially hazardous weather headed your way. Swap your television for the digital video displays you find on college campuses, in airports and office buildings, and elsewhere, and you understand the purpose and function of emergency signage overrides.

At MCA, our emergency overrides for digital signage allow you to perform a screen override for all the displays and workstations across your operations. All you need is our cloud-based digital signage software. With it, you can perform screen overrides from any desktop, mobile device, or tablet with an internet connection under your control.

Our digital signage override software enables you to transform your digital displays, cable televisions, and employee workstations into an intelligent alerting system. When activated, you can transmit critically important messages to your employees, customers, and the public in high-occupancy areas throughout your organization.

When to Use Digital Overrides for Your Organization’s Displays?

While emergency signage overrides are the most common, organizations and public venues deploy display overrides for numerous reasons. From conference room digital signage display overrides to important messages delivered straight to the desktop monitors at employee workstations, signage overrides serve a variety of purposes.

Emergency Messages

As the most obvious reason for overriding your organization’s display screens and cable televisions, digital signage overrides give you the peace of mind in knowing that the people in your hospital, school, stadium, and other venues and facilities, receive messages that keep them safe.

Corporate Digital Signage

Corporate digital signage refers to the messages your employees receive informing them of important work policy updates and other information. Digital display override software enables your business to send important messages to public displays in the office and directly to employee workstations.

Conference Room Digital Signage

Have you ever been presenting to a roomful of employees or coworkers only to notice that your presentation simply isn’t landing? Digital signage override software for the conference room enables you to shift gears on the fly and better engage your audience with thought-provoking videos and other attention grabbers.

Personalized Messages

Wish your employee a happy birthday or announce a spur-of-the-moment engagement at your stadium’s sporting event with digital signage override software. This is a great way to let your workforce know that you care about them or make for a fun experience for patrons of your public venue.

Digital Signage Override Solutions from MCA

Our digital signage override software supports the majority of LCD screens, LED marquees, cable television systems, and digital display media systems. For systems with audio output capabilities, we also offer playback of alert tones and voice messages.

Digital Signage Key Features

Personalization – Vividly showcase your company’s logo on the screen

Integration – Software designed to interface with external devices, including other LCD screens, LED marquees, and digital display media systems

Customization – Override your existing display with a customized, full-screen alert with bottom-banner scrolling capabilities that can easily be viewed from a distance

Audible Notifications – Supports playback of tone alerts and voice messages on systems with audio output capabilities

Benefits of MCA Digital Signage Override Software

  • Rapid deployment from any computer, mobile device, or tablet
  • Independent operation without an external internet connection
  • No recurring costs for operation
  • Alerts can be targeted to particular zones or groups of displays
Indoor digital sign with alert message

Enterprise Desktop Alerting

Office compturs

MCA’s software solutions deliver mass notification messages directly to the computers of everyone in your organization—no matter where they are located.

Grab the attention of your employees with desktop alerting software from MCA.

With customizable desktop alerts, your organization can:

  • Target specific devices and transmit alerts across your entire network
  • Customize alerts by selecting from a library of preloaded templates
  • Embed images, audio, and links into critical messages
  • Select full-screen, partial-screen, or ticker display options depending on the urgency of your message

Industries Served by Digital Signage Override Software

Student talking on cell phone


College campuses and high schools use digital signs as a cost-effective way to deliver information to teachers, staff, and students. This information can be general announcements, reminders about events, or seasonal greetings.

With digital signage override software, you can quickly and easily alert members of your school or campus of any urgent or emergency announcements. This technology allows you to inform everyone in your school of critical messages with a few keystrokes.

Green stadium seats

Public Venues

Static billboards are a relic of the past in modern stadiums, theme parks, and other venues. Digital signage offers event-goers a more interactive and dynamic experience whether or not their home team wins.

With digital signage override software from MCA, you can provide time-sensitive alerts to your guests in the event of an emergency. Overrides of digital displays also allow you to announce promotional offers on the fly and boost fan engagement during the big game.

Corporate Offices

A wide range of businesses use digital signage in their conference rooms, public areas, and other locations in their building(s) for the delivery of information to employees. Keeping employees informed is an important aspect of workplace satisfaction and efficiency.

With override software, you can alert employees of potential hazards such as inclement weather and other emergencies. Our enterprise-grade Desktop Alerting software gives you the ability to communicate with your employees directly at their computers.

Airport signs


Airports, bus terminals, and train stations depend on digital signage more than any other industry. Displays inform passengers of schedules for departures and arrivals, direct them to particular areas of the terminal, and keep them up-to-date on recent developments.

The transportation industry needs override software for their digital displays and televisions to alert passengers of delays, keep them informed of security risks, and provide other critically important information.

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