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The Nonprofit Security Grant Program

What is the Nonprofit Security Grant Program

Announced in 2019 to combat terrorist attacks against nonprofit organizations such as churches, FEMA’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program has raised millions of dollars to protect property and save lives.

These grants offer funding for physical security to nonprofit organizations at high risk of terrorist attacks. They were developed to help nonprofits integrate their security preparedness efforts with their state and local governments.

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program encouraged coordination and collaboration between the public sector and private community organizations. 

Taking a coordinated approach to safety is an essential aspect of Mobile Communications America’s security solutions philosophy. We offer integrated security solutions to churches, community centers, and other nonprofit organizations.

It will help if you protect your nonprofit from attack. Terrorist activities directed at churches and other places of worship have risen dramatically over the past several years. Protecting your people in their sanctuaries builds community. 

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program gives you the funding you need to accomplish this mission.

Security Grants for Nonprofits Funding

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) offers nonprofits the most significant security grants.

In 2023, the total amount available to nonprofit organizations under NSGP is $305 million. This money is earmarked to assist nonprofits and churches in beefing up security measures to protect their people.

The NSGP supports FEMA’s efforts in enhancing the ability of your nonprofit—as well as state, local, tribal, and territorial governments—to prepare for, prevent, and protect yourself against the looming threats of bad actors who want to do you and your community harm. 

In the early spring of 2019, three Baptist churches in Louisiana were burned to the ground by an arsonist with terrorist intentions.

Thankfully, no one was physically injured in these attacks, but the blow felt by the community still reverberates to this day.

As a 57-year-old member of one of the burned churches, the Greater Union Baptist Church, explained, her parents lost the “calm of their burial sites” while she also lost where she was married and baptized.

Whether the trauma is physical or emotional, attacks against our community enclaves and houses of worship devastate communities. As a local leader, it is up to you to help ensure that you protect your buildings and people from such heinous attacks.

Security grants for nonprofits such as the NSGP give you a great way to enhance security in and around vital community buildings. At Mobile Communications America (MCA), we work with the recipients of these grants to provide the best-in-class security solutions for your community.

We have sophisticated technological solutions to prevent weapons from entering your church, “smart” video surveillance systems, and everything in between. 

The Louisiana church arsonist was eventually apprehended after he was captured by video surveillance footage fleeing the scene of one of his crimes. If not for this security footage, it’s impossible to say when – or even if – he would have been apprehended.

How to Apply to the Nonprofit Security Grant Program

The NSGP has two main funding streams: NSGP-State (or NSGP-S) and NSGP-Urban Area (or NSGP-U). 

In 2022, the program also designated $150,000 for Community Project Funding. However, this funding designation will not be available in 2023.

Here is how the funding breaks down:

NSGP-S: $152.5 million

NSGP-U: $152.5 million

These grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations to fund activities such as:

How Do You Secure A Grant To Protect Your Community Building? (H3)

The only way to gain funding for physical security to protect your nonprofit is through your State Administrative Agency (SAA). SAAs are the only entities that can apply to help you gain enhanced security measures for your nonprofit from FEMA.

Click here to locate your SAA and contact them to apply for an NSGP Grant.

In 2023 – just as in 2022 – SSAs can retain up to 5% of the NSGP funding they secure for nonprofits throughout their state for management and administration. Before this year, states received no earmarked money for managing and administering funds.

At the same time, as a nonprofit that receives NSGP funds through your SSA, you can spend up to 5% of your total grant on managing and administering funds. This gives you greater control and flexibility in installing the right security solution for your organization.

States may no longer establish caps on NSGP funding for your nonprofit that differ from FEMA’s national cap. For both NSGP-S and NSGP-U grants, the maximum award amount you can receive is $150,000 per site for up to three sites for a total of $450,000.

In addition, the Nonprofit Security Grant Program wants to help protect two groups: a) churches and other nonprofits in underserved communities and b) nonprofits and churches that have yet to apply for this grant.

Extra points will be awarded to applicants who fulfill the above criteria, and we strongly encourage them to apply for these life-saving grants through their SSA.

MCA Security Solutions for Nonprofits 

MCA has played an important role in helping religious institutions devise the best communications for their weekly services and install advanced and cost-effective security solutions in churches and houses of worship across the country.  

We are always on the lookout for opportunities for nonprofits to boost their security because we believe strongly in the purpose these institutions serve in their community.

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