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Two-Way Radio Infrastructure

Two-way radio infrastructure and cellular connectivity drive your business. Ensuring that your business- and mission-critical communications come through unimpeded protects your employees and customers while generating greater revenue and improving your bottom line. We specialize in installing and servicing radio communication systems and networking for clients who need reliable push-to-talk (PTT) and connectivity solutions.

If you need enterprise-grade communications across a wide area or multiple locations, you can count on our expert technicians and installers to find the most cost-effective solution for your organization. From simple radio repeaters that extend coverage to advanced PTP microwave backhaul, we have the best two-way communications infrastructure solutions to meet your organization’s precise needs.

Radio Repeaters

Radio repeaters give your two-way radios enhanced coverage and clarity, improved penetration through obstacles, and a significantly longer range. They work by receiving a radio signal on one frequency and transmitting that same signal on another. This is what offers you extended communication coverage and improved voice and data across your entire operation.

Before you purchase a radio repeater, we recommend that you schedule a site survey with one of our radio experts. This ensures that you have the optimal range and coverage you need.

Two way radio use for construction sites

Advanced Radio Trunking Systems

Unlike conventional radio systems, advanced radio trunking systems offer you the ability to simplify and expand your two-way radio network. In non-trunked systems, users select channels manually. With a trunked radio system, channel selection is made automatically through a central controller or computer.

Manual channel selection is inefficient and slows down your operation. With a trunked system, your radios use the same frequencies, but without the crosstalk, interruptions, and errors. When messages pass through a central controller, they are instantaneously labeled and delivered to the intended user. If you own or manage a large organization you need a radio trunking system to control the number of your communications without adding additional frequencies.

Microwave Backhaul Systems

PTP Wireless Backhaul

Our proven Point-to-Point (PTP) Wireless Backhaul solutions give you the ability to maintain communications and coverage in the case of an internet outage. Many organizations rely on a single router to connect their operations. If your primary carrier loses coverage as a result of inclement weather or simply spotty coverage, you need PTP wireless backhaul to guard against costly downtime.

At the same time, many organizations exist in areas where Internet access is simply not accessible. With a completely integrated PTP Wireless Backhaul solution from MCA, you can connect multiple sites across a wide geographic area. Ensure that you are able to maintain always-on connectivity and failover protection with PTP Wireless Backhaul.

Private LTE signal tour

Private LTE Networks

With Motorola Nitro from MCA, you can take complete ownership of your voice, video, and data communications. Private LTE supports communications across your entire enterprise, including IoT devices and sensors, smartphones, and two-way radios. Utilizing frequencies on the CBRS spectrum, Motorola Nitro gives your business enhanced connectivity and unmatched security.

Typically there is a limit to how much data can be transmitted across your business’s WiFi network. Motorola Nitro Private LTE delivers up to 4x the range of traditional WiFi by accessing CBRS frequencies only available on your private LTE network. With Nitro, you can tailor your network to your business’s specific applications and needs.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) deliver enhanced connectivity to accommodate the increased bandwidth needed for your customers and guests. With a greater number of devices—smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.—used by employees or visitors in your buildings or facilities, you need the enhanced connectivity offered by our DAS solutions.

At the same time, many new constructions and renovations require comprehensive radio coverage for emergency first responders. Local fire codes establish standards for in-building two-way radio coverage. MCA will work with your local AHJ to ensure that your building has the necessary coverage, including the inside of stairwells and other areas, to bring it up to code.

Two-Way Radio Infrastructure from MCA

With decades of experience selling, installing, and maintaining two-way radio networks and infrastructure for thousands of customers nationwide, MCA has the solutions you need to create wide-area radio networks and cellular connectivity.

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