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MCA Solutions Enable Rapid Emergency Response Within Manufacturing Facilities

Timely Emergency Evacuations Depend On Reliable Monitoring and Immediate Notifications

While manufacturing facilities typically have many safety protocols, they are still hazardous workplaces. Between heavy machinery that could cause injury and dangerous materials that create chemical exposure and fire risks – not to mention the usual slips, falls, and user errors that can occur in any workplace – it’s imperative to monitor situations on the production floor with the utmost care and recognize emergencies quickly, make notifications immediately, and dispatch appropriate teams. 

In an emergency, coordinated alerts, responses, and evacuation methods must happen simultaneously – and within facilities that can be thousands of square feet with hundreds of personnel – this can be difficult to manage. Automated security processes and notification systems can help save lives and decrease injuries. 

Emergencies Happen Fast, Automation Speeds Up Response Time

During emergencies, things happen fast. The time between the initial detection of a dangerous situation and the start of the evacuation process is likely a matter of moments. During that time, first responders receive notification of the situation, and personnel are tasked with ensuring first responders and security personnel have an accurate headcount as they conduct evacuation and recovery procedures. 

Additionally, incident reporting solutions will ensure that the entire event is documented appropriately, including any relevant images or videos, so that further analysis and investigation can be quick, thorough, and complete. 

Detect Fires, Smoke, and Leaks

In emergencies, every second counts. With Environmental Alarm Management solutions, smoke, fires, and hazardous material leaks are identified with remote sensors, and alarms will signal automatically. The MOTOTRBO Radios of the appropriate personnel will also be alerted to begin following the proper notification, evacuation, and safety procedures.

Analyze and Monitor

With Avigilon H5A explosion-proof cameras and control center and integration with CommandCentral Aware, security personnel can assess the relevant video streams quickly and can also monitor the facility via live video to help coordinate evacuation processes and identify where to send emergency responders. Pre- and Post-event video is stored for future reference and analysis. 

Notify and Dispatch

MCA offers a variety of solutions, including WAVE PTX PPT and Dispatch for person to person communications. We also offer WHELEN Sirens and Speakers and Motorola’s Siren Activation and Management Application OptiWarn, which will notify employees and response teams in mass regarding the affected areas.

OptiWarn will ensure that all of the WHELEN Mass Notification Systems alarms, sirens, and emergency light beacons activate in the appropriate areas while also providing evacuation instructions clearly and concisely. WAVE PTX PPT ensures that every employee within a specific distribution group (or facility-wide) receives the same notifications and critical incident information.

Report and Record

As authorities are engaged via automated alarms, Access Control Manager Verify (ACM Verify) will immediately identify employee and visitor counts and their approximate locations within the facility. Simultaneously, when the alarm is triggered a workflow will trigger Ally Incident to begin collecting information so that post-event investigations and analysis are quick, thorough, and complete.

About MCA

Mobile Communications America (MCA) is one of the largest and most trusted integrators in the United States, offering world-class voice, data, and security solutions that enhance the quality, safety, and productivity of customers, operations, and lives.

More than 65,000 customers trust MCA to provide carefully researched solutions for a safe, secure, and more efficient workplace. As your trusted advisor, we reduce the time and effort needed to research, install, and maintain the right solutions to make your workplace better.  

Our team of certified professionals across the United States delivers a full suite of reliable technologies with a service-first approach. The MCA advantage is our extensive service portfolio to support the solution lifecycle from start to finish.

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