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Ensuring New Construction Passes Fire Inspection

ERRCS and PSR DAS Solutions for New Construction

Radio Coverage Systems for New Building Construction 

International, federal, state, and local building codes tend to have one major thing in common — public safety radios must be able to receive clear and concise signals throughout your entire building. That includes common areas, workspaces, hallways, stairwells, and parking structures. With the myriad of materials used throughout new building construction — both for structural integrity and aesthetic design — radio signal strengths can be quite variable depending upon a persons location within a building and its attached or surrounding facilities. 

Business Overview | IFC-Specified ERRC Requirements for New Construction 

In recent years demand for commercial construction has continued to increase, even through the recent pandemic (building material shortages aside). Recent updates to the international fire code (specifically to IFC section 510) and updated guidance from the National Fire Protection Association (specifically NFPA-72) that govern Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) requirements, dictate the acceptable technical requirements for system performance, design, and signal strength levels in and around new structures. Because of this, most construction companies are in need of technology partners that specialize in the design and install of radio coverage enhancement systems. 

Current Challenge | Ensuring Adequate In-Building Radio Coverage

Depending upon the size of and anticipated occupancy levels for new buildings, the IFC rules generally force new builders to incorporate radio enhancement systems into their construction plans. The materials used to assemble most large commercial buildings tend to be comprised of large volumes of metal and cement, which almost always interfere with in and outbound radio signal strength and reliability.

DAS for New Construction

Without incorporating ERRC enhancement systems (like PSR DAS), at the start of a project, it can be more costly to add them in after construction has begun, and more so, after construction has been completed. If ERRC levels are tested, and found to be unsatisfactory, it can delay the attainment of certificates of occupancy, which are required in order for clients to make use of your new structures. These kinds of delays add additional costs, and tend to leave clients and boards of directors less than satisfied with their construction managers. 

Solution Overview | Meet ERRC Standards with PSR DAS

To ensure new construction projects stay on track and without delays due to failed fire marshal inspections, it is always best to utilize a third-party expert like MCA to ensure all radio signal requirements are met. While achieving minimum signal strength levels is a basic requirement, our teams can ensure maximum RF signal strength levels, allowing new builders to positively promote their buildings as safer than their competitors by ensuring first responders can clearly and effectively communicate during any future emergency rescue operations. 

When properly configured, installed, and tested, Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (PSR DAS) available from MCA successfully enhance public safety radio coverage across an entire facility – inside and out — minimizing delays in construction and certification.

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support 

For over 30 years, MCA has provided expert solutions to public and private agencies in need of two-way radios and signal enhancement systems. We provide top-tier support for all aspects of your critical communications projects. Our techs and install teams assess your needs, engineer customized solutions, and install hardware and software that fit your requirements.

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