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Airport Emergency and Incident Alerting

Mass Notification Solutions for Air Travel Hubs 

Airports are the foundation of domestic and international business travel and are a critical part of our nations tourism industry. The millions of people who work within and frequent airports everyday are susceptible to various types of threats: from inclement weather, downed aircrafts, power outages, or acts of terrorism. From weather related delay announcements to mandatory evacuation alerts, your airport needs a mass notification system (MNS) that provides the flexibility and reliability your teams need to deliver the right messages to the right people as emergency events arise. 

Business Overview | Ensuring Airport Safety and Security

Airports face several, notable difficulties when communicating critical information and instructions to staff and passengers if an emergency situation arises. With many airports spread across multiple terminals — each with large sets of employees, security officials, passengers, retail stores, restaurants, and bathing facilities — it is critical to have systems in place that can alert an immense number of people spread across a wide geographic area. This leaves airports with limited options to effectively alert everyone, everywhere. With mass notification solutions from MCA, airport emergency response coordinators can reliably deliver vital messaging to a large population across an expansive footprint utilizing the technologies and infrastructure airports already have in place.

Current Challenge | Targeted Alerting to Specific People and Devices

Security and incident response teams within airport facilities must be able to choose exactly which systems issue alerts and which people receive them. While issuing immediate mass notifications to every alerting device facility-wide is an option your teams need, its also critical that they be able to send targeted alerts to specific work groups and devices depending on the situation necessitating the alert. A well configured and expertly integrated mass notification system can send specific alerts and instructions to different sets of people and devices in specific locations to prevent undue panic.

A breakdown in the baggage handling equipment should notify your on-site engineering teams to mobilize for an urgent repair. When an intruder is detected you will want to alert your security teams or airport police officers. And if a tornado touches down in the airfield, you’ll want to alert everyone everywhere with instructions on where to take cover.

MNS for Airports
Mass notification systems for airports
airport security solutions

Solution Overview | Cameras, Sensors, Sirens, Software, and More 

Alerts are triggered by suspicious activity from perimeter detection devices, intruders picked up on our IP-video cameras, severe weather notifications from the NWS, or airport staff activating a duress button. 

Each alert requires different notifications to be sent to different people to effectively respond to distinct manmade and natural incidents. With MCA’s MNS software solutions, your airport can activate more than a dozen different warning systems. You can instantly issue tone alerts, sirens, text messages, and voice alerts depending on the incident.

Our mass notification solutions for airports help to eliminate confusion, restore order, and ultimately save lives. When combined with our other solutions—Sirens, Beacons, Digital Signage Overrides, Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, Intrusion Detectors, Gate Controls, and Perimeter Monitors, MCA will give your airport the highest level of safety and security

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support

At MCA, we install, configure, and service all mass notification systems for airports. Our cost-efficient systems deploy integrated technologies such as voice-enabled alarm systems, smart sirens, voice-to-text communication, and much more. All our devices and software solutions for airport MNS are scalable to your evolving needs.

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