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AI Security Tools for Critical Infrastructure

We can’t afford to take any chances when it comes to infrastructure and systems vital to our national well-being. Protecting your utility, transportation system, manufacturing facility, healthcare clinics and hospitals, and much else requires investing in the best and latest security tools.

At MCA, we have partnered with hospitals, schools, private and public utilities, manufacturing facilities, agricultural enterprises, and more to provide security solutions that meet evolving threats to your physical and cyber assets. Our service-first approach means that we offer support through every step of the process in the implementation of your security solution.

Why You Need Artificial Intelligence Security Tools for Your Critical Infrastructure

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has fundamentally changed critical infrastructure. Sensors inside everything from the equipment on your offshore rig to the machines in your plant have produced a revolution in communication and data. 

But as technology advances for business, it also advances for criminals. One of the most pressing threats to our critical infrastructure is the increasing use of drones for industrial espionage and sabotage. In order to combat this potential menace, you need a perimeter detection system that can perceive the presence of drones and alert your security teams.

In addition, artificial intelligence (AI) video surveillance and AI access control systems give you the ability to secure and protect your critical infrastructure from a number of different threats. Artificial intelligence security tools are designed to be future-proof, giving you the security you need to continue to grow as an organization.

What is Artificial Intelligence in Video Surveillance?

AI video surveillance systems monitor video streams from around your organization, generating visual alerts for the criteria you select. Our cameras come with the following features:

  • Thermal Detection to conquer the dark
  • License Plate Recognition to root out suspicious vehicles
  • Facial Recognition to identify and track potential criminals

The video analytics software in our AI cameras analyzes live streams frame by frame. In traditional CCTV networks and even some artificial intelligence video surveillance systems, security teams need to define the people and objects they want to track. It costs a ton of time and money to have your security team manually input each object they want to observe. It’s also incredibly inefficient and ineffective when it comes to keeping ahead of criminals.

Self-learning AI cameras raise the bar when it comes to intelligent video monitoring by automating the process of detection. With it, you can keep your organization’s critical infrastructure safer than by relying on human operators alone. Artificial intelligence for video surveillance gives you greater control and improves with each incident it detects. Securing your critical infrastructure requires better, smarter video monitoring.

AI Access Control Solutions

Preventing unauthorized access to your facilities is paramount to protecting your critical infrastructure, especially when your facility is closed or undermanned. AI access control solutions give you a more secure way to manage those entering and exiting your premises than handing out keys.

Employees lose keys or they end up in the wrong hands. If your building or facility has multiple access points, you need a better way to grant or deny permission to enter than keys. We provide access control systems with biometric indicators, which allow you to scan your employees’ hands or faces to open doors, remote gates, etc.

Eliminating the need for hard-wired locks at your facility’s access points:

  • Provides increased security for critical infrastructure
  • Prevents unauthorized persons from accessing your facility
  • Does away with rekeying every time your employee loses their keys
  • Allows you to keep a historical record of all individuals who had access to your facility’s sensitive areas
  • Simplifies key control by eliminating hard-wired locks

We offer a number of AI access control systems at different price points and levels of sophistication. From card systems to biometric hands-free entry, our access control systems will protect your organization’s critical infrastructure.

Evidence Management for Critical Infrastructure

Evidence management has become essential to securing your organization’s critical infrastructure. Solutions such as Motorola’s Ally Incident Management from MCA is an affordable, user-friendly incident management tool that allows you to send all your organization’s data securely to the cloud.

Possessing cloud-based incident management software eliminates the need for copying information onto shared drives and DVDs. With evidence management software you can share and store data at the push of a keystroke, deciding who has access to the evidence you gather during your daily operations.

When it comes to protecting your critical infrastructure, your evidence management software plays a pivotal role in managing incidents for an internal investigation, law enforcement and judicial review, and sharing evidence between authorized personnel.

Cybersecurity for America’s Critical Industries

No security system would be complete without robust cybersecurity. Because critical infrastructure is necessary for our country’s social and economic health, it is a clear target for cyberattacks. You probably remember the attack on Colonial Pipeline, America’s largest oil pipeline, in 2021. 

While we have so far been focused on physical security, cyberattacks can penetrate even the strongest and most secure organizations. One way to protect your critical infrastructure from cyberattack is by using a single, unified platform. When your data is dispersed, it’s easier for cybercriminals to find vulnerabilities and harder for you to quickly identify and address potential hacks.

With solutions such as security information and event management (SIEM) systems or setting up a security operations center (SOC), MCA assists organizations in securing their data.

MCA Delivers the Best in AI Security for Our Critical Industries’ Infrastructure

With more than 30 years of experience in partnering with critical industries to offer them the latest and best in physical and cyber security, MCA has the expertise you need to protect your infrastructure from bad actors.

Our team of expert engineers and installers of security solutions work together with project managers and support staff to make sure your organization and critical infrastructure are protected. This is what it means to take a service-first approach to your security.

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