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What Is UL 2050?

A Qualifying Standard for Security Organizations

UL 2050 is a qualifying alarm system standard that meets the certification criteria for monitoring, signal processing, investigation, servicing, and operation. The United States Department of Defense (DoD) recognizes and supports this certification. 

The “UL” for UL 2050 refers to Underwriters Laboratories – a third-party inspection firm that verifies the corporate compliance, sustainability, transparency, security, and well-being of various business operations and products.

The History of UL 2050

UL 2050 evolved from a set of standards and guidelines that the Department of Defense issued in 1993 to secure its classified material, information, and equipment by government contractors. 

The initial set of standards – which every contractor’s facilities were required to meet – were part of an operation manual called the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). To meet the requirements, Underwriters Laboratories developed their own set of standards that would allow them to meet, and often exceed, the NISPOM benchmarks. The Department of Defense recognized the thoroughness of UL’s standards and authorized them to certify security companies to install, monitor, inspect, and service high-security systems.

How To Achieve UL 2050 Certification?

Getting UL 2050 certified is an intense – and interesting – process. For starters, businesses are not UL 2050 certified – specific rooms or facilities are. If an organization has two high-security, classified areas, then each room must receive its own UL 2050 certification. 

In order for a room or facility to be UL 2050 certified the managing organization must work with a security company that has its National Industrial Security System (CRZH) certification. Organizations with CRZH certification must undertake a rigorous process whereby their company is audited for things like expertise, compliance to UL 2050 standards, response time, and more. Throughout this process, they may be asked by UL to make changes to their processes and procedures to ensure they comply with UL standards, and then must re-start the audit process. 

Once the security firm is granted its CRZH certification from UL, then they are able to consult, construct, inspect, monitor, and ultimately issue certification for UL 2050 facilities.

When CRZH-certified security firms are issuing UL 2050 certifications, it’s typically because they have worked with the organization since the beginning of the project to research, design, and build out the exact security system required to protect the classified information while also meeting all of UL’s extremely stringent requirements.

Why Is It Important To Hire A UL 2050 Certified Contractor?

Hiring a certified UL 2050 contractor is important because it ensures that the contractor has the necessary expertise and experience to work on projects that involve highly sensitive information, such as classified government information and facilities. 

Hiring a UL 2050 certified contractor ensures that the contractor is knowledgeable about the latest security protocols and technologies required to safeguard classified information. They are trained to install and maintain security systems in accordance with government regulations and industry standards, reducing the risk of security breaches and unauthorized access.

Additionally, hiring a UL 2050 certified contractor provides peace of mind to government agencies and facility owners who can trust that their security systems are being installed and maintained by qualified professionals who are held to the highest standards of quality and expertise.

Who Does UL 2050 Apply To?

For any organization that requires Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) or Closed Room Facilities, UL 2050 – and working with a CRZH-certified contractor – should be considered a crucial part of their business planning. 

Organizations that have their security systems installed by non-UL 2050 certified professionals may find that they need help to achieve their own accreditations and will need to completely replace their system and have a new one reinstalled by a properly certified company.

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