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A United Public Safety System Gives Texas City Unlimited Scalability

Overview | Population Increases Require Public Safety Improvements

The landscape of public safety and security has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. While, in general, crime rates nationally are decreasing, there are significant upticks in mass shootings, gun violence, and both violent and non-violent crimes on school property. Municipalities are constantly looking for ways to increase the safety of their communities without creating huge budget deficits or systems that are overly cumbersome to manage or utilize.

In response to these types of threats and a huge boom in population growth in recent years, the City of Conroe, TX, realized that its existing public safety infrastructure was not up to par. Over the years, they had assembled a disjointed and fragmented patchwork of various systems that were difficult to manage and were having trouble keeping up with the growing number of city residents. 

Challenge | Increasing Public Safety With Better User Experience and Operational Efficiency +

Located 40 miles north of Houston, TX, the City of Conroe has faced a significant challenge in managing its access control and surveillance systems. With a student population growth rate of over 120% since 2000, the city struggled to keep up with public safety requirements.

In response, Conroe embarked on a mission to find a comprehensive security solution that could cover its entire municipal area, spanning just under 38 square miles. Additionally, they sought to replace costly software that coordinated these various systems but lacked efficient management.

One crucial requirement for the new solution was a much more user-friendly interface. 

Solution | MCA’s SecurePlan24 Paired With LenselS2 Security

LenelS2 Security specializes in IP-based physical security and video management systems that offer an efficient and cost-effective means of safeguarding individuals, property, and valuable assets. Renowned for their unparalleled reliability and the convenience of a 100% web browser-based user interface, LenelS2 products have earned their status as the preferred choice for physical security management systems. Their clientele spans a wide spectrum, including Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, manufacturing enterprises, and government agencies worldwide.

By utilizing MCA’s SecurePlan24 Service Agreement, the City of Conroe benefits from the comprehensive offerings of the SecurePlan Limited™ package. MCA’s SecurePlan™ program is meticulously designed to minimize downtime through a range of features, including continuous System Health monitoring, rapid 4-hour response for repairs available 24/7, remote assistance, loaner and replacement equipment provision, annual software licensing, yearly system audits, and software upgrades.

Across the entire district, the following solutions were deployed:

  • Integrated Security Software
    • Access Control Systems 
    • Video Surveillance Systems
  • SecurePlan Limited™
    • System Health Monitoring

Results | Adaptability, Scalability, and Robust Remediation Response

LenelS2’s software solution now equips the city with adaptability and scalability. This enables the integration of systems across government structures of varying sizes and functions. This unified solution is also designed to grow alongside Conroe’s expanding surveillance and public safety needs.

Through the integration of System Health monitoring, proactive alerts are generated in most scenarios, often detecting potential issues before the client is even aware of a potential outage. Once an alert has been triggered, MCA’s team of certified technicians is readily available to troubleshoot through remote assessment and on-site support as required.

Benefits | Reliable and Unwavering Service

Since its initial implementation, the unified system has consistently exceeded the city’s performance expectations, consistently delivering reliable and unwavering service that effectively meets their growing needs for public safety.

Specific benefits that the city has realized include: 

  • Integrated Devices and Software
  • Improved Device Management
  • Expanded Situational Awareness
  • Decreased IT Response Times
  • Reliable Remote Support
  • Improved Documentation

To read more about this implementation, download the PDF.

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