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Visitor Management Systems from MCA

What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system is any method of recording and logging information about those who visit your property. The purpose of a visitor management system is to protect those on your property from unwanted visitors.

A paper log is an example of a visitor management system. Writing down visitors’ names and other information is quick and efficient, but it’s not the optimal method for keeping your property and those on it safe. You can’t track the visitors when you simply write down their names and other information. Plus, the information isn’t kept confidential when it’s in a paper log.

Electronic visitor management systems provide more robust and efficient access control than paper logs.

These modern systems include the ability to process visitors by scanning their driver’s license, passport, or business card.

Using this information, the VMS can then:

The Benefits of Using Visitor Management Systems for Small Business

Capture Data You Can Use

Leveraging API components such as REST and SOAP, MCA helps businesses automate their processes to enhance physical security for buildings of all types. Reduce lag time between departments and minimize human error by connecting core business functions on one sophisticated platform.

When you choose a VMS from MCA, you can capture detailed information of a visitor that you can use to keep those on your property safe. The data you capture is up to you. The VMS software is pre-set but allows you to:

  • Rename labels and tabs
  • Show and hide fields
  • Enable and disable fields
  • Set required fields

Create and manage your own lists and allow selected visitors to have customized card access directly from the Secure Visitor Management interface. The VMS integrates with more than 40 of the leading access control systems.

Facial scans of business visitors

Streamline the Check-in Process

The VMS solution from MCA also includes options to make the visitor registration process more efficient. You can choose to register visitors by scanning their information yourself. Or you can choose for visitors to register themselves in a registration kiosk.

You can streamline the process even further by using pre-registration or self-registration options via the internet or corporate intranet. You can also choose for visitors to require approval for even greater access control.

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Provide Added
Security with Lists

The VMS from MCA allows you to add visitors to watch lists and check to see if visitors appear on existing lists. Import employee lists from any Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) database or Active Directory with auto scheduling and updating. The software also allows you to check your visitors against felony and sex offender watch lists. You’ll receive an alert on the screen, by email, or through text if any such visitor enters your facility. You can also create your own watch lists to screen for unwanted visitors.


Choose One or Multiple Locations

The visitor management solution from MCA allows you to manage visitors from a single application, but you’re not limited to only one location. You can change from a single check-in station to as many as you need to provide optimal access control. Regardless of how many stations you need, all stations can share a central database. Whether you need one visitor management check-in station or more than one, we can work with your budget to meet your needs.

Industries Our Visitor Management Systems Serve


A VMS from MCA helps provide robust access control to keep students, faculty, and staff safe at school. Visitors must sign in at a designated registration point before being allowed to enter the school. When they do check in, you can check visitors against felony and sex offender watch lists before allowing them entry. If they are allowed to enter, visitors must wear a badge with their photo on it that clearly distinguishes them as a visitor. As your security systems integrator, MCA can integrate a visitor management system that works with your existing security systems.


A visitor management system can reinforce access control measures at plants, factories, and mills. Streamline the check-in process at your manufacturing facility while you provide an experience for your visitors that is quick and easy. Plus, keeping trespassers off your property could help with loss prevention. When you partner with MCA, we’ll provide a fully integrated visitor management solution that meets your specific needs.


A visitor management system from MCA can help you meet the strict regulations regarding monitoring visitors that utility operations face. Stay in compliance while you enjoy the many benefits that a modern VMS provides: easy check-in for visitors, screen visitors on your property, track visitors while they’re on your property, and more. MCA can provide a custom visitor management solution to fit the unique needs at your utility operation.


A visitor management solution from MCA can support your security team by screening would-be trespassers. Help your security guards even more by flagging unwanted visitors before they have a chance to enter your property. Let MCA customize and integrate a VMS to reinforce the security at your organization.

Public Safety

Visitor management systems can analyze visitor data quickly and easily, which is essential when there’s a large gathering. A VMS can help keep the public safe by flagging visitors who are felons, appear on sex offender lists, and more. Public safety professionals and emergency managers can solidify their access control strategy with a fully integrated visitor management solution from MCA.

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