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Sound Detection Systems from MCA

What is a Sound Detection System?

Sound detection has become an essential component of security. It can isolate suspicious sounds amidst everyday noise and pinpoint what video surveillance often cannot: gunfire, shattered glass, trigger alarms from cars and within corridors, and various forms of aggression. Sound detection immediately alerts security staff in real time and sends then speeding to the source.

Our Sound Detection Solutions

You can equip your business and buildings with eyes and ears through our sound detection solutions that are customized to your needs. Our software’s intuitive UI ensures that your security staff is immediately notified anytime a suspicious sound is detected and can take swift action. Given some situations, video surveillance may not be appropriate, and sound detection enhances security while maintaining privacy.

Industries Our Access Control Systems Serve


Children’s safety is of utmost importance, and we maximize their safety through preparation and prevention. Screening visitors and gathering identity information through video surveillance are givens, but sound detection provides an added layer of protection.

Institutions must guard themselves against a wide range of threats, from fights to potential shooting events. They must also have emergency procedures in place. Schools must stand ready to give first responders all possible information, including that gleaned from sound detection, when they rush to the scene of a threat.

Factory machinery


Sound detection includes keeping track of equipment condition, formerly done by highly paid sound engineers. Our sound detection solutions monitor machine health and detect potential malfunctions and failure. Our solutions continuously analyze their sounds, especially those outside normal hearing range. Our sound detection picks up on unusual vibrations or noises and send alerts to your operators, helping to keep your costs low and your efficiency high.

Safe utility worker


As our national population grows, so does our reliance on electricity, alternative sources of power, and optic fiber cables. As our utilities grow and diversify, so does their vulnerability to theft and vandalism. Terrorist organizations and cyberhackers are becoming more sophisticated in their ploys to undermine our utility and information systems. Our security networks are upheld to rigorous federal standards, and sound detection is playing its part in those networks.

MCA’s sound detection technology uses sensors within fiber optic cables to pinpoint intruders within any utility setting. AI-based software spots unexplained sound phenomena and sends alarms, though stringently set up to filtrate through extraneous environmental sounds to prevent unneeded alarms.

Public Safety

Are you looking to improve your smart city or county? MCA’s sound detection enhances your awareness of noise pollution across your region. It’s highly valued by our public safety clients we work with every day.

Emergency operations centers, 911 communications facilities, law enforcement headquarters, and hospital security offices rely on accurate and real-time information continuously shielded from ongoing noise. The knowledge you acquire from sound detection can help you plan a better environment for current residents—and best of all, attract new ones.

About MCA

Mobile Communications America (MCA) is one of the largest and most trusted integrators in the United States offering world class voice, data, and security solutions that enhance the quality, safety, and productivity of customers, operations and lives. More than 65,000 customers trust MCA to provide carefully researched solutions for a safe, secure, and more efficient workplace. As your trusted advisor, we reduce the time and effort needed to research, install, and maintain the right solutions to make your workplace better.

Our team of certified professionals across the United States deliver a full suite of reliable technologies with a service first approach. The MCA advantage is our extensive service portfolio to support the solution lifecycle from start to finish.

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