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Construction Companies Future-Proof Communications with Motorola WAVE

Industry Overview | Construction Communications

As technology advances, companies are faced with decisions about whether to upgrade or completely replace their technology to stay competitive. For construction companies, where communication between on-site crews, branch offices, and other personnel is critical, having reliable communication is non-negotiable.

The Challenge | Replacing An Aging System with Future-Ready Technology

Upgrading aging analog systems is something that many construction companies have had to do in recent years – either to meet specific requirements and mandates (such as FCC narrowbanding) or simply to keep up with technology shifts. In addition to physical hardware, such as radios, dispatch consoles are often evaluated. 

Within a construction company, not all employees need to carry a radio, so finding a way to connect an entire workforce through a single communications platform while still being able to deliver a high level of performance is crucial in the decision-making process.

The Solution | PTT Communications for Construction with Wave

For many companies, the ideal solution is one that is less dependent on proprietary hardware and has the flexibility to extend Push To Talk (PTT) to other networks and devices. 

Motorola’s WAVE Work Group Communication provides this solution. 

WAVE not only offers the ability to upgrade dispatch consoles but also allows companies to make PTT available to their entire workforce – anyone, anywhere, on any device. 

Combining WAVE with MOTOTRBO digital radios to replace aging analog systems, they can now communicate with any other radio or broadband device. Everything from a smartphone to a desktop PC can now become a PTT device. 

The Wave Advanced Desktop Communicator is a richly-featured dispatch console that operates from a standard PC and eliminates the need for a hardware console. Meanwhile, the WAVE Mobile Communicator is an app that turns any Android or Apple device into a multi-channel radio handset for secure PTT communication.

The Result | Increased Construction Productivity and Efficiency

With Motorola WAVE Work Group Communications, construction companies can not only streamline their communications and upgrade their dispatch console, but they can future-proof their technology. 

By eliminating the need for specific hardware, they have a more flexible and scalable solution that can be upgraded with software updates rather than expensive hardware replacements.

The Team

For over 30 years, MCA has provided expertly tailored communications solutions to contractors and builders in need of two-way radios, job-site connectivity, and wireless signal enhancement systems. Our team provides top-tier support for every aspect of your business and mission-critical communications projects from start to finish. Our engineers assess your needs, design custom solutions, and install systems that fit your organization’s exacting requirements.

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