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Motorola Solutions Releases Two New Avigilon Cameras: H5A Multisensor Camera and H6SL Camera Line

Clear Vision Supported By Next-Generation Analytics

When keeping a watchful eye on your properties and facilities is of the utmost importance, Motorola Solutions Avigilon cameras are the industry’s leading solution. With the release of their two newest products – the H5A Multisensor Camera and the H6SL Camera Line – you’ll be able to get a full visual view of your environment with their crystal clear cameras as well as a comprehensive data view with state-of-the-art analytics.

H5A Multisensor Camera

For teams that require a 360-degree view during all lighting conditions, the H5A Multisensor camera is an ideal solution, perfect for outdoor corners, parking lots, long corridors, intersections, or rooms with high ceilings. 

Always In Focus

The varifocal lenses allow you to customize your field of view, while lens distortion provides seamless viewing, ensuring your primary focus is always in focus.

Dynamic Lighting

Faster frame rates, optimal IR illumination, and improved Wide Dynamic Range allow the Multisensor H5A to bring images into view even in the most challenging lighting conditions.


With IK10, IP66/67, NEMA Type 4X, and TS2 ratings, the H5A Multisensor Camera is protected against water, wind, impact, and corrosion. 

Learn more about the HSA Multisensor Camera

H6SL Camera Line

Available in two form factors – either as a bullet or a dome – the Avigilon H6SL Camera Line can provide a clear view in a wide array of both indoor and outdoor applications, including offices, schools, retail, hospitality, and more. 

Long-Range View

Don’t let distance be a deterrent. The long-range lenses on the H6SL Camera Line provide optimal viewing coverage with IR illumination of up to 230 feet.

Audio Available

The H6SL dome has the option to add a microphone, to further expand evidentiary use for indoor settings.

Adaptive IR

Thanks to adaptive IR options, you’ll still have a clear image of the entire view area in both low-light and no-light settings.

Learn more about the H6SL Camera Line

Next-Generation Analytics

Regardless of which model you choose, both the H5A and H6SL Camera Line are equipped with next-generation analytics. You’ll be able to utilize expanded object classifications to detect and identify more objects, providing for better accuracy and faster responses, even in the most crowded settings. 

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