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MCA Secures Contract With BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative

BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative Offers Up To 12% Off Select Equipment

MCA is pleased to announce that they have received a contract through the BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative that runs through March 31, 2024, and has the option to extend for three years.

The contract allows MCA to sell equipment and services to government entities – including school districts, public university systems, and municipalities – at favorable pricing thanks to the collective purchasing power of its members. BuyBoard members are eligible for up to 12% discounts on specific lines of equipment and up to 5% off of engineering and project management services.

As an official BuyBoard vendor, MCA can provide BuyBoard members with the products and services they need at competitive prices while also ensuring that all state procurement requirements are met, including documented audit trails.

Additionally, BuyBoard makes purchasing easy for government entities with their Request for Quote (RFQ) application. With the RFQ, members can request volume pricing from multiple vendors through a streamlined and efficient process that can be completed in a matter of days, rather than the typical weeks or months a traditional quoting process can take.

In Texas, specifically, BuyBoard has been able to issue over $89 million worth of rebates to its government members since 2006, the most of any Texas-based purchasing cooperative, and nearly $10 million in 2021-2022.

As schools in Texas, and across the nation are focusing in on ways to improve school safety and enhance public safety radio reception throughout their halls, this is a great way to bring in MCA’s IWS team in a way that helps educators cost-effectively deploy new or improved ERRC systems.

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