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How PLTE is Revolutionizing the Utilities Sector

Private Cellular Networks for Industrial IoT

Utilities across the globe have been deploying new applications to cut down on costs, boost operational efficiency, improve worker safety, and better serve their customers.

They have embraced:

  • Smart meters to more effectively direct power
  • Gas sensors to check for leaks
  • IoT devices in water and wastewater pipelines to protect our supply
  • Voltage Regulators to prevent power outages
  • And much more! 

All of these new technologies known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) rely on reliable broadband coverage. 

Private LTE networks foster uninterrupted connectivity. They have the ability to seamlessly handle the enormous loads of traffic and data coming to and from all the devices, sensors, and Internet-enabled equipment in your utilities operation.

In the modern utility, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is vital. Ensuring that your enterprise experiences zero machine and equipment downtime protects your workers, the public, and your bottom line.

PLTE networks deliver a signal of unparalleled strength. With a private broadband connection that can penetrate walls and other obstructions that would block traditional Wifi, your field service workers and vehicles will never be out of contact with central operations. 

Advanced Cybersecurity with Private LTE Networks

Utility companies likely remember the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline in June of 2021. The Russian-affiliated cybercrime group Darkside gained access to the control sensors in Colonial’s fuel pipelines and extracted a ransom of $4.4 million dollars.

We might say that this ransom emboldened similar cybercrimes, but the number of cyberattacks on the utilities was already staggering. 

Cybercrimes Against the Utilities By the Numbers

  • 54% of utility enterprises expect to experience a cybercrime in the next year
  • Only 42% of utilities consider themselves prepared in the case of cyberattack
  • On average, it took 72 days for utilities to become fully operational following a malware attack
  • 35% of utilities experienced a cyber threat in the last year

(Data Courtesy of the World Economic Forum)

As the utilities become more automated, the likelihood of attacks will increase. New devices, applications, and support staff create more potential breaches.

The more forward-thinking utilities are coming to realize the benefits of embracing a private LTE network to combat these new and increasing threats to their security.

PLTE networks allow utilities to implement advanced cyber-protection systems such as identity and access controls, monitoring systems, and advanced firewalls. With a communications network isolated from the Internet, utilities can make their own security decisions and adjust security protocols accordingly.

Motorola Nitro: Your PLTE Network Solution

Do you want to keep your utility running and your customers’ satisfied? Do you need to protect yourself against cyberattack? Want to minimize downtime and the loss of revenue?

Motorola Nitro delivers a secure private wireless network that helps you stay connected with your work teams from the edges of your field of operations to the center. With minimal interference from heavy machinery, field service vehicles, and other obstructions, Nitro guarantees uninterrupted connection at lightning-quick speeds up to 4x faster than traditional Wifi.

Reliable, fast, and completely secure, Motorola Nitro not only powers your utilities’ Industrial IoT, but supports a range of communications, including video, voice, and data across the scope of your industry. 

Motorola Nitro PLTE for Utilities

The Benefits of Motorola Nitro Private Wireless Network

Ease of Installation

We believe that building the best PLTE shouldn’t be a hassle. With Nitro, you need not worry about complex installation or a large capital investment. All of our hardware is ready to go out of the box. All you need is a power and internet connection.

Intuitive Management and Control

We want you to focus less on managing your network, and more time on your business. When you rid yourself of the hassle of running your own network core you save considerable time and money. Nitro runs on the CBRS spectrum, providing spectrum exclusivity and allowing you to keep your data local and completely secure.


With cutting-edge technology for your data, video, and voice, Nitro will integrate seamlessly with all of your legacy systems and devices. When you decide on our PLTE solution, you maximize your ROI and ensure a safer, more efficient operation.

Investing for the Future

When you invest in Nitro, you’re not just buying a broadband platform—you’re securing a long-term partnership with MCA. With cutting-edge infrastructure, smart and simple software, and easy integration with end-user devices, we’ll install, manage, maintain, and provide customer support throughout the entire lifecycle of your investment.

Key Features of Motorola Nitro PLTE

Coverage from End-to-End – Nitro offers coverage across the entire scope of your operations. Whether you’re outdoors, in a remote location, or elevated terrain that Wifi can’t reach, you can count on Nitro’s always-on connectivity.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Coverage – We offer the only end-to-end broadband solution for critical infrastructure that includes voice, video, data, and IoT across interoperable LMR and LTE networks. Our LTE service combines with the 900 MHz and CBRS spectrums.

Physical Security – Beat back criminals trying to access your facilities illegally. If you have a video security system with cameras, Nitro functions as a backhaul to the edge of your facilities.

IoT – Scale up the interconnectivity of your IoT sensors, alarms, SCADA system(s), and M2M communication. Nitro enables you to build a modern and fully-integrated utility equipped to handle the automation challenges of the 21st century.

Secure Local Data – With Nitro, you can rest assured that your most sensitive data will never leave your premises. 

Seamless Device Operation – Nitro provides broadband coverage indoors and outdoors without interruption. Gone are the days of reconnecting during handover at access points. All your personnel, equipment, and vehicles maintain always-on connectivity across your entire field of operations.

Control Your Data – Remember that Motorola Nitro is your private wireless network. You are in the driver’s seat in deciding where and when you need coverage. With Nitro, you never have to share frequencies with the general public or rely on third-party operators again. 

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