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Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Help Hotels and Resorts Increase Guest Safety and Satisfaction

Guest Satisfaction Can Impact More Than Just A Single Stay

The hospitality industry makes up a massive part of the United States economy, generating nearly $200 million in annual revenue and employing millions of employees at over 130,000 hotels and motels across the country. Individuals and families may opt to stay at certain hotels and resorts for specific reasons – for some, they may be visiting family and friends or enjoying a vacation, while others may be on a business trip and need to be close to clients or their office. Others, still, may be staying in long-term stay hotels while they are between residences. 

Interestingly, recent research shows that 81% of travelers always read reviews before booking a hotel, while 40% of travelers report they would leave a review of a positive experience, and 48% report they would leave reviews for negative experiences. That means that there may be more negative reviews than positive reviews when travelers are checking out their options for their next hotel or resort stay. 

Hotel and resort staff must always be on top of their game to provide their guests with the most enjoyable experience possible – but what happens when there are aspects of the stay that are, for the most part, simply out of their control?

Ensuring Hotels and Resorts with Reliable Cellular Coverage for Safety and Satisfaction

Regardless of the reason for their stay, most travelers are likely to expect that during their trip, they will be able to seamlessly and reliably use their mobile phones and other cellular devices. Similarly, hotel and resort staff need to be able to do their jobs in the most efficient way possible by communicating with each other while accessing and operating systems and devices – such as mobile POS machines – that may rely on cellular service.

When guests are unable to use their cellular devices, or their experience is impeded by property staff being unable to easily do their jobs, they may make the decision to not stay at that property in the future… and leave a negative review.

Additionally, hotels and resorts may house hundreds or even thousands of people at any given time – not to mention the facility staff, security teams, and people who may be visiting the property but who are not staying there, such as those who have dinner reservations at on-site restaurants. 

All of these people not only need to be able to connect to cellular services for customer convenience and staff services, but they need to be safe. 

Due to the layout and building materials used and having a large number of individuals present in a relatively compact area, cellular signals tend to be very weak and, in some cases, can be completely non-existent in certain areas. For properties over ten stories, it’s unlikely that the cellular signals will reach the upper floors. Interior spaces – such as hallways, stairwells, elevators, and storage areas – are likely to have poor reception due to being blocked by multiple layers of steel, concrete, and glass, while parking garages – especially those that are underground – tend to be complete “dead zones.” 

In addition to being inconvenient for guests and staff, in the event of an emergency situation, weak cellular signals mean it can be difficult for guests or staff to call for help, and worse still, that first responders may be unable to efficiently coordinate their life-saving activities once they arrive on the scene.

Distributed Antenna Systems Boost Cellular, RF, and Wi-Fi Signal Strength

In order to provide guests, staff, security teams, and visitors with the reliable cellular signal strength that they need to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues and complete functions of their jobs, hotels and resorts can deploy Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). 

With DAS powered by MCA, the entire footprint of a hotel, including floors many stories above ground level and subterranean parking garages, will benefit from increased coverage, capacity, and reliability of cellular, radio, and Wi-Fi networks.

Public Safety DAS

PSR DAS ensures that Emergency Response Radio Coverage (ERRC) is configured to ensure first responders are able to communicate efficiently over public safety radio channels.

Radio Repeaters

For less complex needs, our radio team can provide a system of repeaters to expand the reach of non-emergency radio frequencies so hotel and resort staff can communicate

Cellular DAS

Ensure your guest rooms, common areas, and parking structures receive strong cellular coverage so your guests and staff are able to use their connected devices when and where they need them.

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support

For over 30 years, the MCA team has provided expertly tailored solutions and top-tier support to hotels and resorts in need of two-way radios, signal boosting and enhancement systems, Private LTE networks, and more. We can integrate new systems with your existing systems and completely replace and upgrade your systems should they no longer meet your needs or federal safety guidelines.

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