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Dispatch Center Furnishings Enhance Productivity and Effectiveness

Proper Workplace Furnishings Help Avoid Common Injuries

Public Safety Telecommunicators – whether they’re fielding 911 calls and managing crisis situations or arranging the private and public transportation of the people and materials that keep our economy running – are critical to our society. When it comes to emergency telecommunicators, in particular, they hold one of the most stressful jobs and often work long, taxing shifts of up to 12 hours at a time. 

To effectively do their jobs, it’s essential that their workstations and dispatch consoles are configured to promote productivity. Not only should all of their materials and equipment be immediately available and within easy reach, but their workstations should also provide an environment that is physically supportive and comfortable. This isn’t only so that their time performing their jobs is enjoyable but so that they can avoid some of the most common workplace injuries. 

In fact, 33% of all workplace injuries are classified as “ergonomic injury” caused by prolonged pressure, strain, or incorrect posture due to “ergonomic hazard,” which in many cases could be something seemingly innocuous as an incorrectly positioned monitor or slightly unsupportive chair. Carpal Tunnel is one of the most commonly known ergonomic injuries, but it isn’t the only one. Ergonomic injuries can affect nearly any soft tissue area of the body, including the neck, back, and shoulders, leading to headaches and even visual disturbances.

Desks and Chairs

The dispatch console furniture is one of the most critical elements in the workspace. At MCA, we carry a wide range of furnishings that match ANSI-HFES standards in ergonomic design so that your operators remain comfortable throughout the day, whether sitting or standing. 

Our furnishing options range from corner, straight, dual- and single-surface desks that will meet your organization’s unique needs and optimize your space for efficiency and flow.

We also offer durable, comfortable, ergonomic chairs that keep your telecommunicators focused throughout their shifts.


For telecommunicators, proper lighting at their workstation is critical to ensuring they never miss a detail. Also, proper lighting in the workspace can help alleviate the eye strain that frequently accompanies long hours spent working at a computer. 

MCA provisions and installs dispatch center lighting to create a comfortable and secure environment for your telecommunicators.


From headsets to foot pedals, your telecommunicators will have everything they need to respond quickly during a crisis and remain comfortable and free from pain during times of high stress. MCA can help enhance your dispatch center and console with various accessories to meet your organization’s functional and style needs.

About MCA

Mobile Communications America (MCA) is one of the US’s largest and most trusted Motorola Solutions partners, offering world-class voice, data, and video solutions that enhance the quality, safety, and productivity of customers’ operations and lives. As solution providers of wireless communication technologies, MCA leverages a portfolio of products and experienced engineers, analyzes customer needs, designs and optimizes the best solution, and deploys it on time and on budget while ensuring it performs as specified. MCA provides an unmatched footprint of trusted technical staff that will be there from installation through the solution’s life-cycle.

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